MW Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514 – Mister Ash Murder

At this time, outside of Bai Qi’s tomb, four saint race martial artists were floating in the endless starry skies. Among these four people was Imperial Prince Naqi!

Of the three people, one was Imperial Prince Naqi’s subordinate, Manyu, a half-step World King. The other two wore gray capes, their bodies emitting a horrifying aura that was mysterious and dangerous.

One of these two gray-robed people was faintly in the lead. This person was Mister Ash Murder, the person Naqi had invited here.

Ash Murder was a saint, and had once been shown graciousness in the past by the first ranked disciple of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Now, by helping Naqi, this was the same as returning the favor he owed from the past.

“Mister Ash Murder’s sense is truly sharp. Even such a secretive warning array formation was easily discovered by you!”

Imperial Prince Naqi praised from his heart. He didn’t know that he had unknowingly stepped into a warning array formation. Even with Mister Ash Murder reminding him, he still wouldn’t have been able to see it. Only when Mister Ash Murder destroyed the array formation had he been able to sense it.

“This warning array formation shouldn’t have been laid down by that brat Lin Ming,...

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