MW Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513 -  More and More Murder

“A World King powerhouse died by my hands!”

At this time, Lin Ming’s blood was still tumbling within his body. He had yet to fully recover from that violent collision just now.

This was the first World King that Lin Ming had killed, but it wouldn’t be the last. This was because before long, he would have to face the next World King!

That would be a truly savage battle. Either they would die, or he would perish!

“Old… Old Zhou…”

Not too far away from where Mister Zhou had miserably died, the half-step World King that was barely managing to live watched helplessly as everything occurring around him. His two eyes were already dull and glazed over.

When he saw Lin Ming block Mister Zhou’s all-out strike he felt as if he were living in some sort of dream. In that maniacal clash of energy, Lin Ming and Mister Zhou had both been sent flying backwards. However, Lin Ming had avoided the murderous black divine light, and as for Mister Zhou, he had died a horrible death!

“This Lin Ming is...

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