MW Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510 – Provoke


A dreadful explosion burst out from the endless black void, accompanied by faint pained screams. In the next moment, a space crack opened and several wounded people were pushed through, in an extremely distressed and miserable state. They were part of Mister Zhou’s group.

There were originally seven of them, but now only five were left; the other two had died.

The ones surviving were only Mister Zhou, a half-step World King martial artist, a late Divine Lord martial artist, and the two Spider Brothers.

Even in this Chaos Prison where killing intent was everywhere, the Spider Brothers’ experience and intuition were able to be displayed to a great affect. It was the reason their group had managed to survive until now.

“What place is this?”

Mister Zhou looked at the magnificent ancient altar in front of him. They had just been in a chaotic space storm but in the next moment they had arrived within a grand hall; it could only be said that the space-time within Chaos Temple was far too chaotic.

Besides this ancient black stone altar, there were also 108 stone sculptures surrounding it. The altar was covered in dao patterns that exuded a deep killing intent, as if there was some incomparably...

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