MW Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 – Blue Throne Bai Qi

“This boy wants to lure us into a trap!”

Naqi’s vision was gloomy as he stopped his steps.

“Imperial Prince Your Highness, perhaps the Spider Brothers fear death and are intentionally exaggerating the dangers.” Naqi’s follower said with a true essence sound transmission.

Naqi pondered for a moment. Then, he said, “That Lin Ming is a lunatic. He really might be thinking to fight us to the death in that danger zone. If he dies, he thinks he can drag us down with him. I don’t know what he relying on, but what I can confirm is that he has a very deep understanding of God Burying Ridge and he also understands how to use the terrain to avoid disaster. For him to find this danger zone here shouldn’t be by accident!”

Although Naqi dreamt of killing Lin Ming, he still hadn’t lost his calm.

Mister Zhou said, “Your Highness is right. As long as we remain cautious we shouldn’t have any problems. Let me take the others ahead first and Your Highness can remain outside. We contacted Ash Murder a while ago and he should catch up to us any time now.”

Naqi hesitated for a moment, then, he looked towards Mister Zhou and said, “Mm, Old Zhou, remember to be careful. This Lin Ming has...

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