MW Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 – Chaos Prison

Deep within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming was sitting in meditation in the main hall. He already felt a sense lock onto Primordius Heavenly Palace; Tian Mingzi had really given chase.

Moreover, Lin Ming expected that not only would it be Tian Mingzi, but Imperial Prince Naqi and his followed would soon join the hunt.

Lin Ming saw Imperial Prince Naqi and his group in Heavendevil City. They had a World King powerhouse in their ranks as well as two half-step World Kings. Once Tian Mingzi was added into this mix, he would have to face at least two World Kings and their subordinates.

“Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing?” Xiao Moxian glanced at Lin Ming. In her opinion, even though Lin Ming had broken through to the Divine Lord realm, it was still impossible for him to simultaneously contend with so many powerhouses. The difference between a Divine Lord and World King was simply far too great.

“I must lure them deeper. In God Burying Ridge there are seven death zones. I will choose the most dangerous one and wait for them there!”

As Lin Ming spoke,...

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