MW Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 – Lure the Enemy

Around Tian Mingzi, three martial artists stood up. These three were Imperial Prince Naqi’s subordinates and had half-step World King cultivations.

Besides them, there were also two other people sitting; they were the Spider Brothers, the God Burying Ridge guides who had led them here.

The Spider Brothers were currently in the employment of Imperial Prince Naqi and were standing guard here for Lin Ming. In their opinion this was a pointless endeavor, but the rewards that Imperial Prince Naqi gave them were extremely rich so they didn’t mind doing boring work like this.

“Sage Tian Mingzi, who did you say came out?”

The Spider Brothers casually asked. This crushed stone mountain valley was a life zone they had chosen based on their previous experiences and there shouldn’t be any dangers here. Thus, they weren’t too alarmed at hearing Tian Mingzi’s words.

“I am speaking of Lin Ming. He has emerged from Tragic Death Valley.”

As Tian Mingzi spoke, a thick killing intent shined in his eyes. He extracted...

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