Chapter 1506 – Leaving the Valley

Chapter 1506 – Leaving the Valley

10 days later, within the God Beast Tomb, before Empyrean Divine Mist’s cave dwelling –

At this time, Lin Ming was already fully restored. His cultivation had reached large success and he had learned the Asura Sutra First Volume. For the current him, entering and leaving the God Beast Tomb array formation was easy and simple.

“Senior Divine Mist, junior has returned. I apologize for having you wait a long time for me.”

Lin Ming said. Since he left, he had been gone for a year and a half. To the current Empyrean Divine Mist whose lifespan was near its end, this was an extremely long period of time.

In the cave dwelling, Empyrean Divine Mist was left speechless for a long time. Lin Ming could feel a weak divine sense spreading over his body, probing the changes in his body and cultivation that occurred in the last year and a half.

This divine sense belonged to Empyrean Divine Mist.

Since Empyrean Divine Mist had taught Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian his life’s soul arts, his situation became increasingly worse. He weakened by the day, and if this speed were to continue then it wouldn’t be too many years before he was like a lamp without oil, drying up and dying.

For the current Empyrean Divine Mist, a martial artist at a...

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