MW Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505 – Becoming A Divine Lord


Lin Ming’s body shook. In that moment, a terrifying power rushed into his body. This was the power condensed by the God Beast array formation, and now it was pouring into his body, breaking into his inner world!

Lin Ming had already foreseen this change when he unraveled the seal, but he didn’t expect the impact to be so wild and intense. His inner world seemed as if it couldn’t withstand this strength and wanted to crack apart!

If his inner world cracked open then his fate could be imagined. In this life or death moment, Lin Ming had an obvious choice; he could open his inner world and let this tyrannical strength gallop outwards. In doing so, although it would make things safe for him, it would actually waste away a large amount of essence energy that the God Beast array formation had accumulated.

A sharp light blew up in Lin Ming’s...

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