MW Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 – The First Avatar

Seeing the black cube floating in Lin Ming’s hand, the soul swallowing sacred spirit grinned. “Magic tool? How interesting, do you still plan on resisting me? I have swallowed the souls of countless martial artists and my will has already reached an inconceivable degree. I can even seize the body of a God Beast! You will become a part of me. Your mortal body isn’t bad; it can become one of my avatars!”

The soul swallowing sacred spirit became increasingly fluent at speaking. Then, it roared out and rushed towards Lin Ming.

In the crazy impact, the soul swallowing sacred spirit transformed into a thick and viscous darkness, fusing into the surrounding space and causing countless swords of will to pierce towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming sneered. “Really, the evils that we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear!”

The moment that the phantom of demonic power hurtled towards Lin Ming, a terrifying black vortex erupted forth with the small cube in Lin Ming’s hand as the center. This dreadful vortex seemed as if it could swallow the entire universe!

All of the sacred spirit’s swords of will were twisted apart by this black vortex, like rotten branches in a torrential storm.

The sacred...

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