MW Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 – Essence Energy Heaven Pill

The moment that the ancient coffin opened, a vast and terrifying tide of demonic power gushed forth. Lin Ming leapt backwards, extracting the Phoenix Blood Spear at the same time even as he revolved his true essence to the limit!

The heavy ancient coffin revealed a pitch black interior without the least bit of sound.

Lin Ming’s complexion was solemn. He sent out a wisp of his divine sense to probe the ancient coffin. As soon as he did, he felt his heart skip a beat.

Within the coffin were hundreds of thousands of god runes. And these god runes were all pasted along a 10 foot high divine stone, sealing it tightly within.

This divine stone calmly lay within the ancient bronze coffin. After 100 billion years of being sealed, it was finally freed from its chains.

Probing deeply with his sense, Lin Ming could feel that...

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