MW Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501 – Opening the Coffin

“Lin Ming, you think that the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone is sealed within the coffin?” Xiao Moxian immediately knew what Lin Ming was thinking from the light in his eyes.

“It really might be so.”

Lin Ming walked near to the ancient bronze coffin. This coffin had lain here for countless years and the surface of it was covered with carved images. These images included fierce Asura demons, ancient vicious beasts, and even martial artists of other races.

Thick chains wrapped around this coffin, and every chain buckle was covered with runes. Because too much time had passed, the divine iron that formed the ancient coffin and chains was stained with rust, filled with an atmosphere that seemed to come from the deepest depths of time.

Through the crevices in these iron chains, Lin Ming could see the scenes on the ancient coffin. There were Asura demons eating humans and even humans burning demons as a sacrifice to Asuras.

There were also ancient vicious beasts ripping apart people to shreds as well as people striking vicious beasts and drinking their blood.

In short, all of these scenes were filled with a tyrannical, brutal, and cruel feeling. Looking at them caused killing intent to surge in the heart, as if it would...

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