Chapter 150 - Pinnacle Movement Ability

Chapter 150 Pinnacle Movement Ability.


Chapter 150 – Pinnacle Movement Ability

Those present couldn’t even clearly see the sword light. If this sword struck, then Lin Ming’s head would be split in half!

It was too late to even cry out in alarm, but Zhang Guanyu’s sword actually hit nothing!

It was as if Lin Ming had eyes on the back of his head. In that brief flash as the sword fell, he took a strange half step forwards, and it was as if he were a wisp of flame that had been blown away by a breeze, and he evaded Zhang Guanyu’s sword by a hair’s width.


Zhang Guanyu was frustrated that his sword strike had failed. He did not believe that there was some evil force at hand, and he raised his sword to strike again!

Chi chi chi chi chi chi!

In that moment, not even Zhang Guanyu knew how many sword stabs he had made. His sword had completely integrated into the wind; there was only a blurry mirage of sword light, the sword blade had already completed vanished from sight!

Seeing only sword light and not the sword blade was already a very high boundary of swordsmanship. But one could actually not clearly see the sword light from Zhang Guanyu’s sword!

Such a terrifyingly quick sword light enveloped Lin Ming from all sides. But in this moment, Lin Ming’s figure also blurred, and a thick stack of afterimages...

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