Chapter 1499 – Ancient Bronze Temple

Chapter 1499 – Ancient Bronze Temple

After laboring for seven years and putting in great effort every day, the moment Lin Ming waited for had finally arrived.

He had truly walked through the God Beast Tomb array formation and had arrived in this place that no one had ever been to!

“Where are we?”

Xiao Moxian asked, surprised. Even so, when Lin Ming broke through the first dao diagram, she had a premonition that he would really be able to break past this God Beast Tomb array formation and even lead her out of this dangerous land.

However, upon actually arriving at the core of the God Beast Tomb array formation, Xiao Moxian felt as if she were living a dream.

The God Beast Tomb array formation’s array heart was filled with mysteries. Ever since Tragic Death Valley had existed, countless martial artists had perished here, and yet none of them were ever able to step foot into the eye of the God Beast Tomb array formation.

As the illusions of the Dreamland array diagram vanished, the final three dao diagrams revealed themselves in front of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

These three dao diagrams were arranged in a triangle, each one a thousand miles wide. These dao diagrams were filled with countless intricate...

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