Chapter 1498 – Breaking Through the Array Formation

Chapter 1498 – Breaking Through the Array Formation

“I never thought that before I entered the center of the array formation, I would coincidently experience such a lucky chance in this Nine Star array diagram and obtain such benefits.”

After inexplicably refining so much dragon energy here, the advantage Lin Ming obtained was far superior to even the Azure Dragon bone he absorbed in the past.

“Lin Ming, you aren’t from the dragon race, are you?” Xiao Moxian asked, her eyes wide. As she looked at Lin Ming, her expression was like she was seeing some ridiculous monster in front of her. She didn’t understand just how Lin Ming absorbed the dragon energy in the array diagram. She originally thought that Lin Ming had accomplished this due to his understandings of the array formation, but thinking about it more carefully, even if Lin Ming’s comprehension of the God Beast Tomb array diagram was extremely high, this dragon energy was simply too lawless and tyrannical. Unless one had energy that came from a similar origin, how could this dragon energy resign itself to fuse with a mere human like Lin Ming?

“Dragon race?” Lin Ming froze for a moment, quietly rubbing his nose.

“That’s right. I’ve always felt a faint dragon aura from your body. Although it usually isn’t too intense,...

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