Chapter 1497 – Dragon Energy

Chapter 1497 – Dragon Energy

Xiao Moxian looked at Lin Ming, a feeling of disbelief filling her features as they finally passed through that array diagram just now.

Like this, with their Divine Transformation realm cultivation, they had passed through the array diagram created by the Asura Road Master.

And there were still 35 array diagrams, three of which were empty. In other words, there were still 32 of them.

“We don’t need to pass through all the array diagrams.”

Lin Ming said. The God Beast Tomb array formation was divided into three levels that surrounded the center position. As long as they could break through three levels of array diagrams, they could reach the center of the God Beast Tomb array formation.

And during these last seven years, Lin Ming had been carefully researching three array diagrams in careful detail; he didn’t have time to analyze the others.

These three array diagrams belonged to essence, energy, and divine. The second array diagram that Lin Ming chose was… Body Transformation – Nine Stars!

This array diagram...

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