Chapter 1496 – Glow of the Five Elements

Chapter 1496 – Glow of the Five Elements

In Xiao Moxian’s opinion, the 33 array diagrams that Lin Ming formed were extremely varied and complicated, even containing the profound principles of the Great Dao. But, looking at these array diagrams she couldn’t sense if they were strong because there was far too little origin energy poured into them.

She even felt that if she were to attack with all her strength, she could shatter these 33 array diagrams!

In comparison, those erupting fountains of energy could blow apart celestial bodies and even those sparks of divine light were more than enough to instantly kill a Great World King!

Now, Lin Ming actually wanted to use these 33 array diagrams to resist the terrifying rainbow colored energy fountains. This was no different from wearing paper armor and trying to resist a hail of arrows!

This caused...

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