Chapter 1491 – To Shake A Tree With A Gust Of Wind

Chapter 1491 – To Shake A Tree With A Gust Of Wind

Although Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were exhausted, they could clearly feel that their soul force had increased. This sort of savage method of tempering the soul caused nearly unimaginable pain, but the effects were wondrous. There was no soul medicine that could compare to these advantages.

Moreover, the key was that soul medicines could only be taken once and would be greatly weakened every time after. But as for this type of soul grinding cultivation, it could be repeated however many times it was needed.

“Thank you, Senior.”

Lin Ming held his fists together, giving thanks from his heart. As he looked at Empyrean Divine Mist in that purple crystal, Lin Ming was actually startled. He didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but he could feel that after Empyrean Divine Mist used that arcane technique just now, he had become even weaker than before.

“This sort of arcane technique, could it have consumed Empyrean Divine Mist’s soul force…”

Lin Ming immediately thought to himself. “Senior, you…”

“I’m fine.” Empyrean Divine Mist closed his eyes. After a moment of silence he reopened them, saying, “Since I have decided to guide you, there is no need for you to express any sense of gratitude towards me, nor do I need you to worry for me. The reason I’ve done what I did is because I didn’t wish for the...

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