Chapter 1490 – Grinding the Soul

Chapter 1490 – Grinding the Soul

A tall ancient sword floated within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea; this was Empyrean Divine Mist’s sword of will.

This sword emitted a deep blue aura, vivid and primal. The sword blade aimed at Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and suddenly thrust outwards!


The sword directly submerged into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. At this moment, Lin Ming’s entire body shook, his face whitened, his lips trembled, and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Empyrean Divine Mist had actually used this soul sword to attack Lin Ming’s spiritual sea!

This crude and barbaric method was more than enough to damage to Lin Ming’s soul.

However, Lin Ming believed in his intuition that Empyrean Divine Mist wouldn’t harm him. At this time, there was no meaning in Divine Mist harming him if he couldn’t leave. Moreover, the fires of his soul were already so weak, so what would he covet from Lin Ming?

And, if Empyrean Divine Mist wanted to truly harm him, he would have suffered from far more than some soul pain. Even if Empyrean Divine Mist was weakened to an unbelievable degree, he still had more than enough strength to exterminate Lin Ming. The proof of this was that Empyrean Divine Mist was able to...

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