Chapter 149 - Life Death Contract

Chapter 149 Life Death Contract.


Chapter 149 – Life Death Contract

“How about we sign a Life Death Contract? This way, if one of us is wounded or crippled, we cannot be held responsible. How about it?”

Lin Ming’s smile was very bright. The effect that the ‘Pulse Cutting Palm’ created was a little too excessive, so it was a good idea to establish a Life Death Contract in advance.

When Zhang Guanyu heard Lin Ming say such a thing, he was over the moon. This Lin Ming was simply stretching out his neck waiting for him to chip it off. He was so stupid; he had never seen someone do anything so stupid!

“Lin Ming! What are you doing!?” Wang Yuhan anxiously said. She did not use a true essence sound transmission, but had run over instead. To sign a Life Death Contract? That was simply digging his own grave!

“Lin Ming, you cannot sign this!”

Zhang Guanyu laughed, and said with a smile, “Miss Wang, may I ask who you are to Lin Ming?

“I…” Wang Yuhan’s words caught in her throat. There was nothing she could directly say. Her relationship with Lin Ming was only as an inscription master and assistant. Besides that, there wasn’t anything else. What qualifications did she have to interfere in Lin Ming’s decision?

Lin Ming said, “Miss Wang is a friend of mine. Zhang Guanyu, since I said that I will sign the Life...

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