Chapter 1489 – Empyrean Divine Mist

Chapter 1489 – Empyrean Divine Mist

Xiao Moxian never imagined that just this strange touch would make her feel so peculiar, enough to cause her mind to shake. She subconsciously drew back her hand and Lin Ming also took this chance to release his grip. Like this, the two of them separated.

Lim Ming recalled the aftertaste of that feeling just now. He couldn’t help but admit that Xiao  Moxian’s bloodline held an extremely strong appeal to him. Now, between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, besides the attraction between their bloodlines, there was even a faint resonance in their life force.

In that period of intense action just now, Lin Ming felt as if all the pores throughout his body had opened, greedily absorbing the pure and gentle yin phoenix energy that Xiao Moxian was quietly exuding. This sort of yin energy fused together with Lin Ming’s own blood, complementing each other in a balance of yin and yang and causing slightly crackling sounds to pop throughout his body. The Azure Dragon blood stirred restlessly within him, nearly spontaneously forming an Azure Dragon phantom behind him.

This feeling was as if he had just completed a breakthrough.

However, they had held hands for far too short a time and the yin...

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