Chapter 1488 – Perfect Harmony

Chapter 1488 – Perfect Harmony


With a terrifying explosion, a dreadful column of black energy erupted from deep within the God Beast Tomb, impacting into the skies!

The demonic tide had begun!

Lin Ming grabbed onto Xiao Moxian’s hand with even more strength. He didn’t expect Empyrean Divine Mist to lend him a helping hand. Empyrean Divine Mist was weakened to an extreme degree and the fires of his soul were greatly diminished. Although he could still use sound transmissions, he likely lacked the ability to help them resist the demonic tide. Moreover, he didn’t have any obligation to help them.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Like an angry roaring sea, the entire God Beast Tomb began trembling. A terrifying flow of energy began gushing out from deep within the tomb, washing towards the cliff with endless momentum!

Facing this dreadful storm of energy, Lin Ming didn’t immediately escape. Instead, his concentration was completely focused on that tumbling sea of black energy, as if he were thinking of something!

Lin Ming was indeed pondering something. On one hand, he had to observe the flow of demonic energy to see whether it conformed to the rules within the emperor jade’s dao field. On...

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