Chapter 1487 – Demonic Tide

Chapter 1487 – Demonic Tide

While Lin Ming stayed in Tragic Death Valley for half a year, only half a month passed outside.

In terms of exploring God Burying Ridge, half a month wasn’t anything at all.

“What? Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley!?”

Outside of Tragic Death Valley’s entrance, Imperial Prince Naqi and the others were gathered together. They had following Tian Mingzi according to his tracking mark and learned from him that Lin Ming had entered Tragic Death Valley.

“Tragic Death Valley… that is a place where even Empyreans die. Did that brat just die like this?”

Naqi commented, amazed. He found it a bit unbelievable that Lin Ming died like this.

“With Sage Tian Mingzi hunting him down, under the pressure of a Great World King powerhouse, Lin Ming came to a dead end and had no choice but...

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