Chapter 1486 – Lin Ming’s Ambitions

Chapter 1486 – Lin Ming’s Ambitions

“Gramps, you told us not to enter the God Beast Tomb. Will we not be able to return if we do?” Xiao Moxian asked as she recalled Empyrean Divine Mist’s first words.

Empyrean Divine Mist sighed and said, “For these last tens of millions of years, out of the innumerable individuals I have seen enter the God Beast Tomb, none of them have emerged alive. Only when the eruption of demonic power happens from deep within will their bones be blown out… in the past I also once attempted to venture deep into the God Beast Tomb and possibly find some method to leave the Valley of the Red Dragon, but after passing a hundred miles deep I felt the call of a formidable demonic power that nearly made me lose my sense of self. In the end, I failed…”

The call of a formidable demonic power? One that could even make an Empyrean lose their sense of self?

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. He could confirm that Tragic Death Valley shouldn’t be a land of absolute death; there had to be a way to leave. The Asura Road Master wouldn’t create such a land to joke around with his incomparably weaker juniors.

If Tragic Death Valley did have an exit then it was highly likely that it was deep within the God Beast Tomb, because out of everyone that had ever entered,...

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