Chapter 1485 – God Beast Tomb

Chapter 1485 – God Beast Tomb

The heaven and earth origin energy here was too thin. It would be difficult for Lin Ming or Xiao Moxian to cultivate, unless they used a prodigious amount of nine sun jades.

“Let’s continue forwards. Maybe we’ll find something ahead.”

Lin Ming said. He could faintly feel that deep within the Valley of the Red Dragon, there was some terrifying power transmitting outwards, as if it were some demonic magic.

The dark gray rocks were endless. As Lin Ming continued forwards there were less and less skeletons, instead, the faint existence of that powerful demonic force was growing increasingly strong.

It was not until Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian turned another corner that they were startled by what they saw.

Up in front of them was a massive cliff. It was unknown how deep this cliff went, but beneath the cliff was an endless wasteland covered with glistening ghostly green bones. It resembled a giant graveyard!

These bones were thousands of feet...

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