Chapter 1484 – Bones

Chapter 1484 – Bones

Primordius Heavenly Palace peacefully flew through Tragic Death Valley, no longer consuming a great deal of energy. This proved that there were nearly no dangers currently in Tragic Death Valley.

“I never thought that the legendary Tragic Death Valley, the most dangerous land of all, would actually be uneventful.” Lin Ming repeatedly explored his surroundings with his sense. After determining that there weren’t any evil beings, he turned to Xiao Moxian and said, “Let’s go out and take a look. It seems Tian Mingzi really didn’t follow us.”

One of the reasons Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley was to look for the Great Desolate God Trove. He couldn’t stay in Primordius Heavenly Palace forever, otherwise he was doomed to not find anything at all.


Xiao Moxian nodded. Facing this legendary death trap, even her complexion was solemn.

Tragic Death Valley was filled with absolute darkness. This pitch black darkness swallowed up all light, and even martial artists with extremely high cultivations would find...

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