Chapter 1482 – Stake It All On A Single Throw

Chapter 1482 – Stake It All On A Single Throw

Above the endless barren earth, a black stone palace flew through the sky with incredible speed. The velocity of the palace was so fast that it created horrifying sonic booms as it passed through the world.

This scene naturally aroused the attention of numerous evil spirits. With a deep roar, dozens of evil spirits soared into the sky, rushing towards the black stone palace!

Lin Ming’s complexion was indifferent as he saw these evil spirits rushing towards him. His mind connected to the Primordius Gate as he tossed a massive number of violet sun crystals into the array formation, setting it all ablaze. The speed of Primordius Heavenly Palace became even more terrifying. With loud banging sounds these evil spirits were smashed apart by Primordius Heavenly Palace!

“Wow, so fierce!” Within the palace, Xiao Moxian happily clapped her hands together in surprise as she watched the juggernaut-like momentum of Primordius Heavenly Palace. “I have to say Little Lin Lin, if you had such a treasure to begin with then why didn’t you take it out earlier?...

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