Chapter 1481 – Meeting Tian Mingzi

Chapter 1481 – Meeting Tian Mingzi

“Mm?” Xiao Moxian paused. Just now, she had also felt a powerful sense cover him. From this sense alone, she could tell that this other party was far stronger than an ordinary World King.

“Although you have a great destiny, who would have thought that I would have such bad luck following you. To think that in this damned place we’ve been caught by a World King powerhouse…”

Xiao Moxian took out a long whip from her spatial ring. Fleeing no longer had any meaning. Now that they had been locked onto by a World King powerhouse’s divine sense, with the difference in their speed it was only a matter of time before they were overtaken.

“Who is chasing you?” Xiao Moxian asked.

Lin Ming frowned. “I thought it would be the saint race’s Imperial Prince Naqi, but… it seems someone else has come this time.”

As the enemy approached closer and closer, Lin Ming could faintly feel that this person’s aura was becoming increasingly strong.

This was…

As Lin Ming thought of this person’s possible status, his pupils shrank. And in the next moment, his speculations were proven correct!

With a flash of black light, a tall and young-looking man appeared in front of Lin Ming...

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