Chapter 1480 – Hunt

Chapter 1480 – Hunt

In the grand and rolling desert, strong winds cut like knives. The endless yellow sand buried the bones of strange and unusual beasts, looking bleak and desolate.

This place seemed like a death trap, but as Lin Ming saw this scene he actually let out a sigh of relief. They had finally escaped the Paradise Reborn lands that they had fled into.

Lin Ming only had a basic understanding of the dao field traces left behind by the Asura Road Master in the jade pendant. But, by using this little bit of knowledge he was able to emerge from Paradise Reborn. Moreover, by verifying the terrain with the jade pendant map, he obtained an even more profound understanding of the emperor jade.

“I must say… Lin Ming.” Xiao Moxian smirked as she spoke, a playful tone in her voice. She had called Lin Ming by his true name and not Lin Lanjian.

“What?” Lin Ming asked Xiao Moxian.

“Ah… how come you don’t have any reaction at all? Although your identity is already obvious, if I suddenly call you by your name shouldn’t you at least...

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