Chapter 148 - Better Today Than Tomorrow

Chapter 148 Better Today Than Tomorrow.


Chapter 148 – Better Today Than Tomorrow

“Haha, if Mister Lin did not remind me, then I would have also forgotten. Yes, there is a match between us. I was hoping to make a gambling bet with Mister Lin, but what a pity, Mister Lin did not dare to accept. Unfortunately, in half a month I must go to the seven Profound Valleys to pay a visit to the third elder of the Acacia Faction, Elder Ouyang. Elder Ouyang will assess whether I can become an official disciple. Thus, I might not have time to duel with Mister Lin. If I by some fluke luckily obtain Elder Ouyang’s favor, then I might have to stay at the Seven Profound Valleys for a very long time. If Mister Lin actually must duel with me, then it must be within this half month. I wonder if Mister Lin dares to?”

Zhang Guanyu kept a smile on his face throughout. He had already thought of all the contingencies, and had a considerable certainty that he could force Lin Ming to challenge him within this half month. Then, he would have the confidence to severely wound and disable him with the ‘Divine Acacia Power’s’ most vicious move, the ‘Life Severing Dead Bone Blade’. If that happened, then this Lin Ming would no longer be able to cultivate the path of martial arts!

‘Fighting with me will be the stupidest decision you ever make in your entire life, you 15 year old imbecilic child. I will make you regret ever being born into this world!’

‘The woman you once loved will be taken away to be used as a furnace to help cultivate. You will fall from the altar of geniuses; you will lose your martial arts, lose your loved ones, lose your parents, and also be expelled from your family. By that time, I can deal with you in any way I want to. I will break your hands and feet, and raise you in my manor’s pigsty as a pig, and every day I will feed you the same garbage that the pigs eat while I screw all the women that you once knew in front of you. I will make it so that you cannot die even as you hope for death, and can only beg me to kill you! Hahahaha!’

Zhang Guanyu had already imagined Lin Ming’s future sad and pathetic demise in his mind. The corners of his mouth fiercely widened. He not only wanted to kill Lin Ming, but he also wanted him to live his life in despair, so that he would be no worse than the pigs and dogs.

After those present heard Zhang Guanyu’s words, they became deeply aware of the cunning behind his words. This time was also one and a half months from the four month period of time time that the Seven Profound Valleys had predetermined. That Zhang Guanyu had prepared to pay a visit to Ouyang Boyan in half a month, was very likely his plan as well.

Perhaps he believed that he could not grasp victory in a month and a half, and so he had forced Lin Ming to fight against him within the next half month.

Many of those present knew of the relationship between Ouyang Boyan and Ouyang Dihua. After they heard Zhang Guanyu say this, they all turned to look at Ouyang Dihua. Ouyang Dihua nodded, confirming this news.

“I wonder what means this Zhang Guanyu used to impress Ouyang Dihua, that he would have him assessed to be a secret disciple.”

“This is truly disgraceful. Zhang Guanyu seems to be afraid of Lin Ming. Like this, he has already lost all of his momentum.”

“What does it matter if he loses his momentum? It’s still better than being beaten shitless under the eyes of everyone. As long as he can defeat Lin Ming, his ‘spirit’ will not be obstructed. If his ‘spirit’ can flow, then his true essence will flow, and his martial arts cultivation will not be too hindered. This Zhang Guanyu truly has a good plan. He set a trap so that Lin Ming could walk into it himself.”

“Lin Ming is a ruthless man, but Zhang Guanyu is not some soft dough to be kneaded; he also has such means to deal with Lin Ming. If I were to face Lin Ming, then I would have admitted defeat long ago.”

“I wonder how Lin Ming will face this dilemma. Let’s have a good look at the coming show.”

“I think Lin Ming will just endure this insult. The last time at the Ten Thousand Killing Array he was only ranked sixth. The gap between the sixth and third place is just too wide; it’s not just a rank. To reach that level in half a month, even if it were Lin Ming, it would be impossible to achieve. Not only that, but Zhang Guanyu has also cultivated the ‘Divine Acacia Power’. How could his strength not have progressed also?”

“Mm… I think so too.”

Those present discussed this matter privately.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, and covered the teacup in his hand. He said, “Within a half month? The truth is, I do not need half a month. Today is better than tomorrow. So, let’s make it today. How about we go to the military field now?


Zhang Guanyu was suddenly surprised.

Was Lin Ming insane? He wanted to duel with him now?

As Lin Ming said this, all the guests present were shocked; this included Yang Lin, Wang Yuhan, Qin Xingxuan, and everyone else. This was simply too unexpected.

Lin Ming had just participated in the Ten Thousand Killing Array assessment not too long ago, and his result had been the sixth rank. Although this result was already legendary, his was still far from being Zhang Guanyu’s match! It was impossible for Lin Ming to have caught up in only a few days’ worth of time.

“What is Lin Ming doing? He is simply just courting death.”

“Today is better than tomorrow? This Lin Ming does not even put Zhang Guanyu in his sight. Lin Ming is too arrogant. Although he has some ability, he is just too young and his personality isn’t mature enough. All the auras and halos wrapped around this child’s body have already blinded him and inflated his self-esteem. Now, he thinks he is already invincible within the younger generation. This time he will fall.”

“Once he falls, he might not be able to get back up. Zhang Guanyu will absolutely use some ruthless method! Perhaps he will keep an eye on an opportunity and disable Lin Ming, so that he will never stand up from this failure in his entire life.”

“Lin Ming probably doesn’t know that the first three ranks on the Ranking Stone have an insurmountable gap from the fourth. He thinks that the sixth rank is near the third rank. This four month period before the challenge had been personally laid down by the Seven Profound Martial House master. What sort or judgement does he have? He would not irresponsibly set a time. Now it’s only been two and a half months. For Lin Ming to challenge Zhang Guanyu now, he is just too rash.”

The last one to speak was the fourth ranked disciple on the Ranking Stone. He knew that in the future he would be inferior to Lin Ming, but in the present, Lin Ming had just taken the assessment several days ago, and it had shown that Lin Ming’s strength hadn’t yet overtaken his, much less Zhang Guanyu.

Among the people discussing, there were those that were the young, handsome, and outstanding heroes of Sky Fortune City. There were many among them that were jealous of Lin Ming, and looked forward to seeing Lin Ming severely wounded by Zhang Guanyu so that he could not pass the Seven Profound Martial House core disciple test. If his meridians were damaged, or he was physically disabled, then his cultivation in the future would be severely affected, and he would fall from the altar of geniuses and be unable to recover.

“Brother Lin, please rethink this!” The Crown Prince held down onto Lin Ming’s arm, and passed him a message through true essence, “Do not act on impulse. If you really fight now, then Zhang Guanyu will inevitably use a heavy hand to viciously hurt you. He now has the support of Ouyang Dihua. Even if he cripples you, he will not receive too severe a punishment. Because of this he will be even more unscrupulous and reckless. He might even have some possibility of killing you using some extreme method!”

When masters exchanged blows, especially when it was a situation where they were close in strength, each move would be at full force and very dangerous. If one was not careful then they could easily be disabled, and even the Seven Profound Martial House would not punish them. Even if they caused a death, the worst that would happen would be a dismissal by the Martial House to the frontier where they would have to work there, or other such punishments. But for Zhang Guanyu, these did not mean anything.

Lin Ming said, “Your Highness, I know. These past few days, my strength has progressed. Even if I cannot win against Zhang Guanyu, I have confidence I can safely retreat.

Lin Ming had just finished his sentence when his ears rang with sound transmissions one after another. They were from Wang Yuhan, Bai Jingyun, and Qin Xingxuan, all having a similar meaning. They were unanimously urging Lin Ming to not be emotional.

Lin Ming stood up and smiled at the three girls, indicating that he was fine.

Those present were not ordinary people. Their vision and judgement were very accurate. If Lin Ming had only reached the sixth rank on the Ten Thousand Killing Array, then it would simply be impossible for him to surpass Zhang Guanyu in half a month.

But Lin Ming had only strove for the top ten rankings of the Ten Thousand Killing Array. After obtaining enough points, Lin Ming had looked for the Pulse Condensation Period master to hone his own formidable strength. If he had used his full force to rush up the rankings, he would not necessarily be worse than Zhang Guanyu.

Much less, in recent days Lin Ming had cultivated the ‘Heretical God Force’ to the Large Success stage, and the ‘Strife Seal’ body inscription symbol had been successful. Even his ‘Flow like Silk’ and ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ had made breakthroughs. Now his strength was no longer like it was several days ago.

Drawing back 10,000 steps, even if he could not defeat Zhang Guanyu, as long as his arms and legs weren’t broken, he could easily retreat unscathed.

Zhang Guanyu contemptibly smiled, and in his heart he thought, ‘Since you want to die, then I will fulfill your wish. Becoming so famous at a young age isn’t necessarily a good thing. The disposition is too uncertain, and the young act with childish conduct that is easy to understand. Hehe, I had wanted a way to shock you into challenging me in half a month, but now it looks like I never needed it. You are so stupid that you can’t wait even half a month and so wish to live in my pigsty. Such being the case, I will certainly tell the servants to fill the pigsty with pig urine and manure, as a gesture of hospitality towards you!’

Thinking this, Zhang Guanyu was no longer able to conceal the murderous intention in his eyes. His face revealed a grim and fierce smile. “Today is better than tomorrow? Young heroes have always come from the youth. You seem to think that you have already won. We may as well go now. I would like to experience Mister Lin’s moves!”

“I also have this meaning.” Lin Ming said with a smile, “Right, Sir Zhang, the sword and spear have no eyes. Since we are fighting such a decisive battle with all our efforts, it is inevitable that we will accidently hurt each other…”

Zhan Guanyu giggled, and then smiled, saying, “Mister Lin is afraid of being hurt? Rest assured, I will watch my strength.”

‘Of course I will watch my strength; otherwise if I’m not careful I might suddenly kill you by accident. What fun would there be in that?’

Lin Ming smiled and said, “No, no I am not afraid of being hurt, I am just afraid of hurting Sir Zhang. I would not know how to explain that to the Allied Trade Association. My Lin Family is a small family, we cannot afford to offend such a major power like the Allied Trade Association.

As Lin Ming said this, the facial expressions of those present were quite wonderful.

“He… what did he say? He’s afraid of hurting Zhang Guanyu and not being able to deal with the Allied Trade Association?”

“This Lin Ming, simply madness!”

“He does now know how to spell the word ‘dead’. He wants to anger Zhang Guanyu at such a time? It would not be strange if Zhang Guanyu were to use some insidious move on him. I heard that the Acacia Faction’s moves were famous for being ruthless and sinister!

Those in the audience had seen many things and had many experiences. They had a certain understanding about the Acacia Faction’s cultivation methods and skills.

Zhang Guanyu laughed, “Lin Ming, since you say this, then I also have a little fear that you might accidently hurt me. Haha, then how do you think we should proceed?”

Zhang Guanyu’s ironic tone was obvious, but Lin Ming was unaware. He thought for a moment, smiled, and said, “How about we sign a Life Death Contract? This way, if one of us is wounded or crippled, we cannot be held responsible. How about it?”


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