Chapter 1477 Separate

Chapter 1477 – Separate

Even though Lin Ming was strong, such words were far too bristling. Monster Prince Duyu was especially angered.

“We’ll die faster if we return? Aren’t you just speaking nonsense? If it weren’t for you, why would I have come to this damned land to begin with!? If you want to die then you can stay here yourself, the rest of us are going back!”

Monster Prince Duyu breathlessly shouted out, his voice shaking with anger. He had already been driven past the limits of all tolerance by Lin Ming. The other martial artists were also unhappy with what Lin Ming said just now. It was true that Lin Ming was strong, but his understanding of God Burying Ridge wasn’t necessarily any better than that of the rest of them and he certainly didn’t have the necessary experience to evaluate situations that Fatty Zhou said. Thus, Lin Ming’s claims were all based on nothing.

Dragon Cloud hesitated for a moment before saying, “Brother Lin, you said that we would die even quicker if we were to return, do you have a reason for this claim?”

Lin Ming replied, “At the entrance there will be some people that will stop us. They might have a World King powerhouse with them…”

“Mm?” Lin Ming’s words caused all the martial artists to freeze in cold fear. When Fatty Zhou had spoken about the entrances to the inner ridge, in truth there was only a single one; the rest were mere decorations. In other words, if they were to leave through a single exit it would be easy for anyone to lay an ambush for them.

“Why would there be a World King hunting us? Aren’t you just thinking about this too much!?”

Many martial artists said. They simply didn’t believe that they were worth a World King level powerhouse chasing them all the way here.

But Dragon Cloud seemed to suddenly remember something. He turned towards Fatty Zhou and said, “Sage Zhou, you said that someone attacked us with a curse technique and that is the reason your force field shattered?”

Fatty Zhou nodded. “This technique likely stems from the work of the Spider Brothers. Among the various guides of God Burying Ridge, they excel the most at curses.”

“Why would they do such a thing? Do they have a grudge against you? Or are they trying to kill us to steal our treasures? We haven’t even obtained any god burying stones yet.”

“There is no grudge between us at all!” Fatty Zhou shook his head. “River water does not interfere with well water; we mind our own business without interfering with each other!”

“Then that is really too strange…” Dragon Cloud couldn’t understand why the attack occurred.

“Perhaps someone hired them.” Lin Ming suddenly said.

“Hired them?” Dragon Cloud was stunned. He looked towards Lin Ming, “It seems your background is deeper than I thought…”

Thinking about it carefully, Lin Ming wasn’t surprised by this assassination attempt at all, and he had even said they would die quicker if they tried to return, as if he already knew someone had come here to hunt him down. With his tone, it was like he knew that a World King powerhouse lying in ambush was not just a speculation but a reality!

In other words, their situation was far worse than anyone could have imagined!

“Do you recognize those that are hunting us down?” Dragon Cloud asked. He was an intelligent young man; his words were already very close to the truth.

Everyone looked towards Lin Ming, waiting for his reply.

Lin Ming was silent for a brief moment. Then, he slowly and clearly said, “Without a doubt, they are coming here for me.”


Hearing Lin Ming say this, Dragon Cloud and Fatty Zhou were still barely able to maintain their calm, however, everyone else began to seethe with rage. Monster Prince Duyu in particular was angered to the extreme.

He suddenly strode forwards and grabbed the collar of Lin Ming’s clothes. “So it was you who sent us tumbling into this hell hole. Even if you are being fucking hunted by someone you shouldn’t drag us down with you! Just what have we done to you that you would harm us like this!?”

Monster Prince Duyu was frantic, nearly about to attack. But at this time, he felt a thick killing intent surge out from Lin Ming!

This terrifying killing intent locked onto his entire body, drowning him in an icy bath of despair as if he would die in the next moment!

Monster Prince Duyu bounced backwards as if he had been bitten by a snake. His complexion was grim as he glared at Lin Ming, licking his lips as he said, “How about all of us attack him together and subdue him. Then, we can take him to his enemy! If we do that then we’ll be able to escape here safely.”

As Monster Prince Duyu spoke these words he felt the pleasure of revenge. At this time it was assured that Lin Ming would become the target for everyone else!

He felt that Lin Ming was far too stupid. This was a matter that everyone clearly wasn’t aware of and yet he deliberately chose to speak out about it. No one liked being dragged into a mess by others.

“If you really wish to do so, then I’ll play with you.” Lin Ming’s voice was indifferent. As he looked at Monster Prince Duyu, the killing intent in his eyes became increasingly thick.

“Everyone calm down!”

Fatty Zhou shouted out. But, there were very few people able to calm down at this time. According to Fatty Zhou, even if they safely returned a number of them would still die.

“How can you ask us to remain calm at a moment like this? We are being hunted by a World King powerhouse!”

No matter what world it was, a World King wasn’t some random cabbage. They were able to control and overawe their own domain.

“We cannot be involved with him any longer. Let’s ditch him here and continue by ourselves. At the very least we won’t be sneak attacked anymore.”

Some martial artists proposed.

“Well said. We’re already showing him extreme forbearance by not haggling over the disaster he has brought on our heads. If we bring him with us then sooner or later we’ll end up dying here!”

Everyone quickly came to a unanimous opinion. Listening to these people, Monster Prince Duyu’s smile became increasingly wide. Now he finally had the opportunity he wanted to place Lin Ming in a death trap!

In Monster Prince Duyu’s eyes, there were dangers everywhere within the inner ridge. Without a guide to lead the way, this was an absolute world of death. Although it was true that Lin Ming was strong, this was a place where even World Kings could perish.

He had long harbored hatred for Lin Ming and now he finally had a chance to retaliate against him; this made him feel far too good in his heart. And for this chance to take revenge, he was even happy that Lin Ming’s enemy had hunted them all the way here, even if it meant they had been dragged into the mess.

“Brother Lin, you have quite the character…” Dragon Cloud looked towards Lin Ming,  “You could clearly hide this matter, so why are you speaking out about it?”

Lin Ming looked at Dragon Cloud and faintly said, “Why would I want to hide it?”

Dragon Cloud was stunned, not knowing what to say.

“Heh! This brat doesn’t know of death or danger. He’s harmed us this much and yet he still has the airs to be righteous!”

Someone unhappily said. Lin Ming coldly sneered. In the Asura Road, strength was the law, strength was everything. If one was weak and pulled into a disaster where they died, they had no choice but to accept their fate!

The strong survived and the weak perished. This was the most basic law of the jungle. If the one being chased was an ordinary martial artist, then even if everyone here seized that person and stripped them of all their possessions, that person could only fall on their knees and beg for mercy.

But now that the person being chased was their teammate Lin Ming, they could only shout curses at him.

“This is… I, I hope you see what I must do. I can only say that I am sorry.” Fatty Zhou helplessly spread his arms wide as he spoke to Lin Ming, the implication clear in his words. He would comply with the view of the majority of the people here. Moreover, bringing Lin Ming with them was indeed far too troublesome. They would continue to be hunted down the entire time. Fatty Zhou didn’t believe that he had any chance of living if he were chased down by the combined forces of the Spider Brothers and a World King powerhouse.

“Sorry.” Dragon Cloud also helplessly said. Dragon Moon seemed as if she couldn’t help saying something, but she finally kept silent. To her, abandoning a companion to escape was not a glorious or heroic approach to doing this.

But at this moment, Xiao Moxian stepped forwards until she stood next to Lin Ming. She patted him on the shoulder, nodding as she indifferently said, “Haha, I think your social skills are far too lacking. It doesn’t seem that anyone here is willing to help you. How about this little miss here be merciful and take you in?”

As Xiao Moxian spoke these words, everyone was shocked that she would have such deep loyalty. As for Monster Prince Duyu, he suddenly jumped up. “Junior-apprentice Sister, what nonsense are you babbling on about!? You want to go with him? He is a dead man walking! If you go with him you will be killed!”

Monster Prince Duyu impatiently said. He wanted to grab Xiao Moxian’s hand but was actually dodged by her. “I say, why must you always be such a long-winded nagger. You go and do what you want and stop trying to manage me!”

“Junior-apprentice Sister, has he taken control of your mind? Are you still clear-minded right now? If you go with him you will die!” Monster Prince Duyu was about to go insane. He had finally thrown off Lin Ming with such great difficulty, and now that he was about to see his enemy die he was drowning in happiness. He fantasized about how, as long as he could leave safely, he could continue to journey through the Asura Road with Xiao Moxian and endure hardships with her, growing their feelings together all the while until she finally grew to love him. But now, Xiao Moxian actually wanted to join Lin Ming and die together with him!

Lin Ming was also startled. He looked towards Xiao Moxian, “Why do you want to go with me?”

Xiao Moxian wouldn’t know that he had an emperor jade that was carved with the lines of the God Burying Ridge’s dao field. According to any normal person’s reasoning, if she were to separate herself from the main group then although that wasn’t complete suicide, it was still nine chances of death and only once chance of survival.

Xiao Moxian clucked her tongue and laughed. “Me, I’m not someone that likes to abandon their companions. Moreover, I also owe you a life.”

When Lin Ming first entered the Great Desolate he had rescued Xiao Moxian. With this graciousness there was no way that Xiao Moxian would abandon him here alone. That was truly being ungrateful and forgoing all virtues.

“If you come with me, aren’t you afraid of dying?” Lin Ming looked at Xiao Moxian, the corners of his lips curving up in a happy expression.

He had to admit that for someone to disregard their own life or death and follow him at this moment was a touching decision.

“Haha, do you think this miss will die? Stop joking around with me! I am someone who will become a True Divinity in the future! Why would I perish in a tiny place like this?”

Xiao Moxian carelessly tossed out these words. Lin Ming wasn’t affected, but the others, including Fatty Zhou and the dragon siblings, nearly choked on themselves.

Become a True Divinity?

Many people already thought it was exaggerated to hear others say that they had set their goal to becoming an Empyrean. But to become a True Divinity, that was unimaginable!

This little girl was crazy…

This was the first thought that appeared in everyone’s minds. But as they recalled the ghostly movements that Xiao Moxian used to pass through the entrance to the inner ridge, they were actually rendered speechless. If every other aspect of hers was as outstanding as her movement techniques, then she really did have a chance of becoming a True Divinity!

This was simply an incomprehensible unrivalled genius!

“Junior-apprentice Sister!”

Monster Prince Duyu was extremely depressed. He knew that once Xiao Moxian made a decision there was no way anyone could change her mind; even Empyrean Demondawn himself was no exception. As for him, he was a mere acquaintance with no weight in her heart. Wanting to change her mind was simply a dream.

“It’s useless speaking to me. I guess you don’t plan on coming with me anymore, so bye-bye. I hope that we will see you alive once we leave this place.” Xiao Moxian giggled, seeming as if she wasn’t heading deeper into the perilous God Burying Ridge but rather having a nice outdoor stroll in the autumn.

Monster Prince Duyu clenched his fists so tightly that he drew blood. It was indeed impossible for him to continue following Xiao Moxian. Although he desired and fervently wished to obtain her, he wouldn’t continue onwards if he knew it led to certain death. To Monster Prince Duyu, his own life was the most precious treasure of all, surpassing everything else!

The groups had been determined. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian would go together in one group and everyone else would be in another group.

But at this time, a deep fragrance suddenly stirred up in the grasslands. Beautiful flower petals danced in the breeze, fluttering along with the winds. This warm and delightful spring scene should normally have caused one to sigh in joy, but upon feeling this spring breeze, Fatty Zhou’s complexion suddenly changed.

“Bad… this is bad!”

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