Chapter 1476 – Paradise Reborn

Chapter 1476 – Paradise Reborn

If the horrors of God Burying Ridge had only been rumors in the past, the dragon siblings had now personally experienced just how terrifying and formidable these evil beings were with their weapons. Although they were confident they could engage in a prolonged battle and eventually whittle down the ghost king, this was still God Burying Ridge, a land with countless dangers and tribulations round every corner. If the battle continued on much longer who knew what else would have been dragged into the mix.

If that happened, even if they weren’t completely annihilated they would still suffer tremendous losses. Moreover, in the chaotic battle, some people would have been chased down by those ghostly creatures. If these people separated from Fatty Zhou, their fate could be imagined.

Even Fatty Zhou didn’t have any methods to effectively deal with the ghost king, and his cultivation was at the early Holy Lord realm. He was also considered quite strong, with many tricky abilities and methods he could use. Even if Fatty Zhou were to run into a weaker middle Holy Lord realm martial artist he could still protect himself. But in this situation, the ghost king that Fatty Zhou hadn’t been able to do anything to was instantly...

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