Chapter 1475 – Instant Death

Chapter 1475 – Instant Death

At this time, a thousand miles away, a giant red spider and a giant black spider were lying on the ground. These were the Spider Brothers’ contract beasts as well as their mounts.

And between these two spiders, the Spider Brothers were sitting cross-legged in the void. A gray crystalline sphere shimmered in front of them, clearly reflecting the image of Fatty Zhou’s face.

“I didn’t think you would have this sort of method. I will increase the agreed upon rewards.”

Imperial Prince Naqi smiled with satisfaction from behind the Spider Brothers. They had been casually recommended by the mission issuer at Black God Fort, but after he had hired them he had been pleasantly surprised with their skills.

“Hehe, us brothers are the strongest God Burying Ridge guides of Heavendevil City. The several other guides are all within our control. We’ve already secretly placed tracking symbols on their bodies.” Red Spider cackled, his voice hoarse.

The Spider Brothers were imp race martial artists. They originally excelled in tracking, cursing, poisons, and assassinations. Many years ago they obtained a set of god runes that allowed them to mark the other guides and quietly track...

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