Chapter 1474 – Curse

Chapter 1474 – Curse

The talented and the strong always attracted the attention of others. When Dragon Cloud saw the strength of Lin Ming’s group he immediately wanted to become friends with them. Lin Ming and Monster Prince Duyu weren’t too startling in their performance, but Xiao Moxian was stunning.

“My name is Lin Lanjian.” Lin Ming said, introducing himself.

“My name is Ji Xian’er.” Xiao Moxian giggled. As opposed to Lin Ming who had given a fake name, Xiao Moxian had given her true name.

The surname of Empyrean Demondawn’s direct lineage was Ji. Xiao Moxian’s birth name was Ji Xian’er.

Xiao Moxian’s name that she usually referred to herself as was one that was conferred to her in a smelting trial. Xiao Moxian – the Little Demon Fairy.

Fatty Zhou was extremely careful as he led the group forwards into the inner ridge. He pulled out the compass and constantly adjusted direction using divinations arts. His speed was even slower than when they were walking through the outer ridge.

Even so, no one complained.

As they continued to walk forwards, Lin Ming was...

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