Chapter 1473 – Ghostly Steps

Chapter 1473 – Ghostly Steps

As Xiao Moxian rushed into the entrance without using any true essence at all, the other martial artists nearly gasped in shock!

The reason that the dragon clan girl didn’t use true essence to pass through the entrance was that she cultivated dual body and energy as well as her Divine Lord realm cultivation.

But, Xiao Moxian’s cultivation was only at the late Divine Transformation realm. The difference was far too great. Moreover, this black-clothed girl seemed unlikely to be a martial artist who had reached large success of body transformation, yet she still wasn’t using any true essence at all?

In a spark of light, Xiao Moxian had already broken through the entrance. The entrance dazzled with a golden light, overflowing with the chaotic powers of thunder, flame, wind blades, and even space and time, everything weaving together...

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