Chapter 1472 – Inner Ridge

Chapter 1472 – Inner Ridge

In the bleak and desolate earth, exposed rocks littered the ground, vast and endless.

God Burying Ridge occupied an area of tens of thousands of miles; it had slightly more surface area than a small planet. Besides mountain ranges, there were also valleys, dry lands and deserts. In short, it was a completely barren world.

The group of 11 people had already penetrated 2000 miles deep into God Burying Ridge. They had spent more than 10 days to come this far.

Everyone was closely gathered together with Fatty Zhou. Even though Fatty Zhou seemed a bit unreliable when he randomly sprinted out to gather some spirit treasure, the others still didn’t act rashly. They had already learned from the saint youth’s mistakes; there was no treasure here that was more important than their lives.

Of course, there were occasionally some treasures on the road that were obtained by them. In Lin Ming’s eyes, these treasures weren’t tempting at all, but some people were actually moved.

“I found this first!” A black-clothed girl with long hair said.

“I was the one who clearly found it!” A tall girl with a bountiful chest said, standing her ground.

The two women arguing were the young dragon clan girl and Xiao Moxian. They were both fighting over a precious and...

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