Chapter 1470 – Strange Death

Chapter 1470 – Strange Death

From noon to midnight, from midnight to noon, the skies above God Burying Ridge seemed forever covered by a faint fog, without a single ray of sunlight making it through.

Here, ancient dark green rocks littered the land. These stones had experienced the river of endless years, as if the landscape of God Burying Ridge had never changed for the last several billions of years.

The group of 12 people had already penetrated 300-400 miles deep into God Burying Ridge. Then, something finally occurred! The slow and steady Fatty Zhou suddenly jumped up like a dog chasing a rabbit. His speed increased to incredible velocities and even the ground shook beneath him, causing everyone to be startled.

Lin Ming reflexively jumped backwards. His right hand traced his spatial ring and the Phoenix Blood Spear came flashing out!

All this occurred in the blink of an eye. Beside Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian wasn’t any slower. Her bloodline began to roil within her as she grasped her whip, ready to transform into her Phoenix Trueform at any time.

Lin Ming’s first reaction was that Fatty Zhou had encountered some sudden danger and he had decided to flee and leave them behind...

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