Chapter 1469 Entering God Burying Ridge

Chapter 1469 – Entering God Burying Ridge

“Naqi, he also came to adventure through the Asura Road?”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. However, this was also well within reason. At the time of their battle, Naqi was in his best cultivation period to journey through the Asura Road, so it wasn’t strange for him to come here.

Even humanity’s Dragon Fang, Hang Chi, and the others should also be at the Asura Road. However, Lin Ming simply hadn’t met them yet.

Beside Naqi was also an old man. This old man’s eyes were closed tight, with rapid movements occurring behind his eyelids as if he were using some arcane technique. Lin Ming’s eyes widened. He could faintly sense countless threads of divine sense spread out to cover a distance of dozens of miles.

This caused Lin Ming to feel a sense of dread. This old man had a World King cultivation and there were two other middle-aged people near him that were half-step World Kings!

“Naqi, did he realize that I’m here?”

Lin Ming began to ponder past events. He had left behind the Lin character upon the Emperor Stone, and if Naqi also went there then he might have made that association.

Although the saints and humans had signed a temporary peace treaty that forbade them from recklessly slaughtering each other, there were still some limits to it: this treaty was restricted to the scope of the Divine Realm. If it were in the Asura Road, then the saints were free to chase him down and it still wouldn’t violate the terms of the treaty, and thus no one would need to worry about backlash from their heart demons.

If Naqi had truly guessed that he was in Heavendevil City, he would inevitably do everything he could to hunt him.

“Maybe, just maybe that old World King man is using some secret technique to search for me!” Lin Ming immediately thought.

As Fatty Zhou’s group walked forwards, Lin Ming and Naqi came nearer and nearer to each other. Naqi rode a large horned wolf, his eyes casting all around with a superior attitude.

In fact, within Heavendevil City, Naqi was a superior individual. Just Mister Zhou alone was enough to shock many people.

Naqi’s vision swept over Lin Ming but he didn’t spare an extra glance towards him. Naqi’s eyes only paused on Fatty Zhou’s body for a brief moment before ignoring his troop.

Beside Naqi, Mister Zhou’s eyes were closed as before. Occasionally he would form a few seals with his hands. These seals would spin up and dance in the air, looking extremely mysterious.

Mister Zhou was searching for Lin Ming by using the aura that Lin Ming had left behind on the Emperor Stone. The World Detection Art was a secret technique that sensed someone based on the aura; it was a high level tracking technique several times more accurate than using one’s eyes.

However, when Lin Ming and Naqi crossed paths, Mister Zhou was still forming seals with his hands. There was a faint cracking sound as these seals constantly faded away in the wind.

From beginning to end, he didn’t open his eyes nor did he sense Lin Ming.

Lin Ming remained as calm as before. His appearance changing technique could change his appearance, aura, and soul fluctuations; not even a Great World King could see through his disguise.

Lin Ming’s only worry was that Monster Prince Duyu would betray him. Fortunately, Monster Prince Duyu simply didn’t know who Naqi was. Currently Monster Prince Duyu had a very grim expression as he worried over what would happen during the trip to God Burying Ridge.

Like this, Imperial Prince Naqi and his group entered Heavendevil City. As for Lin Ming and the others, they left Heavendevil City with no accident at all.

Imperial Prince Naqi would never have imagined that he just passed by Lin Ming.

“Your Highness, where shall we head first?”

“We’ll go to Heavendevil City’s Black God Fort. There might be some clues we can find there. This boy Lin Ming, if he really did enter the Great Desolate then Heavendevil City is a stopping station that he cannot avoid. After entering Heavendevil City he should have gone to Black God Fort to search for missions he can complete to obtain god runes. We’ll see if we can find him at Black God Fort. If we can’t then we’ll look for other traces of him.”

“Your Highness is too wise!”

Then, Imperial Prince Naqi and his group walked towards Black God Fort.

As for Lin Ming and the others, as soon as they left the city, all of them launched their movement techniques and flew off with lightning speed!

The 12 of them flew for several quarter hours of time, passing over 10,000 miles. Only then did Fatty Zhou slow down.

“We’ll soon arrive at God Burying Ridge.”

As Fatty Zhou said this the group slowly landed. Lin Ming looked ahead. In the horizon, he could see a long and meandering serpentine black mountain range. This mountain range emitted an ancient and desolate aura, making it seem very special.

Lin Ming even discovered that the closer he approached God Burying Ridge, the fewer vicious beasts there were. It seemed that the vicious beasts feared the aura of God Burying Ridge so they deliberately avoided it.

“Hey, Fatty, do you know what sort of origin God Burying Ridge has?” Xiao Moxian suddenly asked, curious. Many people also looked towards Fatty Zhou, wanting to know what the history of God Burying Ridge was. This sort of strange and menacing place was likely not naturally formed.

Fatty Zhou chuckled. After being directly called Fatty by Xiao Moxian, he wasn’t angry or annoyed at all; it was a well-known nickname of his.

“I don’t know the origin of this place. I’ve only heard that God Burying Ridge has already existed for over 10 billion years. Within that place, many evils lurk about! Upon entering, everyone needs to stay close to me and don’t act out on your own. If you die then there is nothing I can do to help you.”

Fatty Zhou slapped his belly after he finished speaking, continuing to lead the way like a waddling penguin.

Close behind Fatty Zhou was Xiao Moxian. She had a relaxed and slightly excited expression on her face. This was in stark contrast to Monster Prince Duyu. From the moment he left the city gates he had remained utterly silent, and now, his face was so dark and gloomy that it seemed he would drip water. He could faintly feel that within this group of people, although he wasn’t the weakest, he was in the lower middle reaches in terms of strength.

Many of these people were inferior to him in talent, but their cultivation base was much higher than his. The only two people here with similar cultivations were Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, but those two were simply freakish abnormalities.

Fatty Zhou’s pace was very slow. From noon to evening and then to night, they only traveled 100-200 miles.

During this period of time, they didn’t encounter anything at all. All that surrounded them were endless barren mountains and plains. There were very few plants and even the rocks were exposed and weather-beaten.

“Fatty Zhou, I think you are walking far too slowly. It’s been a full day but we’ve only walked less than 200 miles. I’ve heard that this God Burying Ridge extends for tens of thousands of miles. If this continues won’t it be several months before we reach the end?”

The one who spoke was a saint race youth. They were walking so slowly, and yet, let alone the legendary dangers that existed in this land, they didn’t even see the shadow of a ghost. He was growing increasingly tired of journeying at such a slow pace.

“You want to walk to the end? This is God Burying Ridge! Going several thousand miles in and emerging alive is already your good fortune and yet you still have the gall to say you want to walk to the end. It’s as if you don’t want to live!” Fatty Zhou bluntly said.

The saint youth frowned. After being rebuked like this, he was inevitably unhappy. “I’ll say this politely but we are your guests here. If we can join this team, that means that none of us are common mortals. Even those three Divine Transformation martial artists probably have some extraordinary background. I don’t think you can afford to offend even the likes of them.”

“Hey, who are you talking about?” Xiao Moxian unhappily said after being classified as ‘one of those three Divine Transformation martial artists’.

At this time, because of the appearance changing technique she used, Xiao Moxian didn’t seem cute or pure at all. The saint youth simply didn’t buy her act. He just snorted, no longer speaking.

As the group continued forwards, Fatty Zhou seemed to intentionally go against the young saint’s complains. Not only did he not increase his pace but he even slowed down.

In the previous 20 hours they had nearly crossed 200 miles. But in the following 8-10 hours, even though Fatty Zhou led them all the way through dawn, they only managed to cross 40-50 miles. This was a pace even slower than mortals!

Moreover, he would often lead the group around in large curving arcs. These arcs would often take over double the time of walking in a straight line. To a martial artist, this distance would only take the blink of an eye, but underneath the leadership of Fatty Zhou, everyone sluggishly moved over the path like snails. This caused many people to feel morose.

“Fatty Zhou, why do you lead us in so many circles? If we continue like this we won’t be able to find god burying stones even in the next year!”

The saint youth who complained before became increasingly impatient. This slow speed was simply far too outrageous, and he always felt that this Fatty Zhou was messing around with them. Although there clearly weren’t any dangers, he would still walk in a circle around random areas. Who knew whether or not these circular paths were necessary? It was as if Fatty Zhou wanted to demonstrate his own special sense of the existing area and deliberately led them through long circling detours.

This saint youth even began to suspect that Fatty Zhou was a swindler, that he was working together with the staff of Black God Fort to trick money out of the trial challengers. In truth, this Fatty Zhou was simply a nonsensical guide who knew nothing at all.

“I lead you in circles to avoid some possible danger zones. Although it can’t be said that there are definitely dangers, the chances of dangers in those places are far higher than normal. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Going a bit slower is far superior to losing your life.”

Fatty Zhou patiently explained. However, the saint youth didn’t believe this at all. “You’re the only one saying there are dangers. How do we know whether these danger zones are really danger zones? We’ve come this far and yet there hasn’t even been any threat to us at all!”

As the saint youth spoke, Fatty Zhou’s complexion darkened. His voice was icy cold as he responded, “Once the dangers of God Burying Ridge appear, they will often take your life. If you want to curse yourself to death then that is fine, but don’t bring your bad luck to our door.”

Fatty Zhou’s words contained a faint killing intent. The saint youth frowned but didn’t speak further.

“If you don’t believe me then you don’t need to follow me at all. You can walk your own path.”

Fatty Zhou coldly tossed out these words before continuing forwards. His pace remained as slow as before and he would continue walking in circles occasionally.

Lin Ming followed behind Fatty Zhou, rubbing his chin. He also had the thought that Fatty Zhou might have been working together with the old imp staff member from Black God Fort, but just from sensing the aura from Fatty Zhou, he could feel this person wasn’t simple at all.

In short, he preferred to believe in Fatty Zhou’s credibility. Even if Fatty Zhou was swindling them, he still had a certain understood into God Burying Ridge, otherwise, he would have died in God Burying Ridge long before he could trick people several times.

The complaining saint youth grimaced, his expression changing several times. In the end, he didn’t go off on his own and continued following Fatty Zhou in his slow pace. The rumors of God Burying Ridge were far too fierce and far too dangerous. Even if this Fatty Zhou was a mysterious con artist treating them all as fools, at least they had all still been safe until now.

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