Chapter 1468 – Encounter at the Gates

Chapter 1468 – Encounter at the Gates

“These people are also going to God Burying Ridge?”

A day later, Lin Ming was led by Fatty Zhou into his house where there were seven or eight martial artists waiting.

These people were mostly young, but two of them were middle-aged.

Out of these people, three of them attracted Lin Ming’s attention, two men and one woman. The woman had extremely bright eyes and she stood very high. Even when compared to Lin Ming she was only a tad shorter. Her thighs were round and filled with potent power. She wore a short leather jerkin that exposed her flat belly and her large chest nearly exploded out of it. Her skin was pale and as bright as her eyes, and on her back she carried a case of javelins and tied on her fair and strong thighs was a sharp dagger.


Lin Ming was surprised. This was an extremely strange and rare weapon type. Normally, a martial artist would carefully craft a single weapon instead of a set of them.

This woman had an early Divine Lord cultivation.

And beside this woman...

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