Chapter 1467 – Fatty Zhou

Chapter 1467 – Fatty Zhou

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Great Desolate God Trove was related to the Asura Road Master.

And if this Tragic Death Valley could even bury Empyreans, then it was likely also related to the Asura Road Master.

If so, one could imagine that the Great Desolate God Trove had an extremely high chance of being within Tragic Death Valley!

“This Tragic Death Valley is a land where even Empyreans perish. If I were to go then all I can rely on is this emperor jade I obtained from the City of Discord.

“But whether or not this emperor jade is a death-sparing token is something I cannot confirm!”

Lin Ming believed that if he entered Tragic Death Valley, he would surely have a certain advantage over others. But, how great this advantage would be was a mystery. The dangers inside Tragic Death Valley couldn’t be taken as a joke.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but cast his sense into the Magic Cube space. There, the emperor jade calmly floated. Its entire body was a deep green and covered in faint lines that gathered into endlessly diverse patterns. These patterns...

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