Chapter 1465 – Heavendevil City

Chapter 1465 – Heavendevil City

Naqi wished with all his soul that he could ruin those two characters, but the moment he was only 200-300 feet from reaching the peak of the Emperor Stone his mortal body had reached its limits; many of his blood vessels had burst apart!


Naqi reluctantly punched outwards, attacking through space to strike the Lin character on the Emperor Stone!

However, he had very little strength remaining to begin with, and underneath the suppressive pressure of the Emperor Stone, his attack diminished to nearly nothing. He simply wasn’t able to mar the Emperor Stone at all.

That Lin character’s aura remained as swift and fierce as before, looking down at him from its unharmed perfection as if it were taunting his own incompetence.

“Your Highness, don’t force yourself!”

At the base of Precipice Cliff, the old saint man shouted out anxiously. Everyone could...

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