Chapter 1464 – Insurmountable

Chapter 1464 – Insurmountable

“These two characters…”

Imperial Prince Naqi rubbed his chin, intently staring at the Lin and Xian characters. Most of the marks on the Emperor Stone exuded the atmosphere of countless years, but these two characters seemed quite new, as if they were just carved in.

“How interesting.”

Imperial Prince Naqi grinned. The ‘Lin’ character reminded him of a certain someone.

Of course, he couldn’t confirm this at all.

“Wasn’t it said that leaving behind a name on the highest point of the Emperor Stone was extremely difficult? That to do so perfectly was something that couldn’t even occur in a hundred million years? These types of rumors were passed down about the Emperor Stone, but those two characters up there are clearly recently carved in. It seems this Emperor Stone is also mediocre.”

Naqi chuckled. He was considered knowledgeable about the geniuses of humanity. He suspected that the Lin character was left behind by Lin Ming, and that the Xian character might be from Xiao Moxian. During the great battle at the Chaotic Blood Continent, Naqi hadn’t seen Xiao Moxian; he had only heard that she had excellent talent.

Thinking about it, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s current cultivation was suitable for adventuring through the Asura Road. If Lin Ming were to have entered the...

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