Chapter 1462 Late Divine Transformation

Chapter 1462 – Late Divine Transformation

Only by leaving behind a name on the Emperor Stone would they receive a god rune. This was the mission given to them by the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao.

However, according to the mission description, after completing it, the reward should have been a blue soul level rune. Yet, the one Lin Ming obtained was a zenith black god rune.

It wasn’t just him; Xiao Moxian was also the same.

This was now the third zenith black god rune that Lin Ming had obtained. First were the Protection of God and Blessing of God, and now he had obtained another one from the Emperor Stone!

“It must have been because me and Xiao Moxian both perfectly carved our names onto the Emperor Stone, thus the original blue soul level runes were upgraded to zenith black runes.”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, the Emperor Stone rune turned into a beam of light that zoomed into his body, entering his inner world!

In that instant, Lin Ming could feel the three god runes resonating beautifully within his inner world. In the next moment, they all broke apart at the same time, turning into pure energy. This energy was like fresh spring water, revitalizing Lin Ming’s body. This energy was different from ordinary energy; it did not enter through his meridians or acupoints but spread through his blood levels and fascia, swimming through his entire body.

What Lin Ming cultivated was the power of divinity. True essence, astral essence, spirit essence, all of it could be used by him. The mellowness of true essence, the fierceness of astral essence, and the flexibility of spirit essence, none of these characteristics were found in this energy. Rather, this energy was warm like spring water as it flowed through his body, seeming to be independent of these three types of energy.

This was a new type of energy. When the Asura Road Master comprehended the 33 Heavenly Daos and created the Asura Road, this was an energy he created beneath the inherent rules of his Heavenly Dao.

After this energy ran through Lin Ming’s entire body, it gathered in his inner world where it began to attack the boundaries of it.

Lin Ming was shocked by this sudden change in the situation!

He had long since reached the peak of the middle Divine Transformation realm. If his inner world were to continue evolving, he would directly step into the late Divine Transformation realm and complete the sixth shift of the Nine Divine Shifts!

Lin Ming was immersed in energy that revitalized his entire being, an intoxicating feeling. At this time, the Emperor Stone force field that had vanished reappeared once more, covering his body.

However, this force field was different from before. Before, the force had placed a tremendous pressure on him, causing him to revolve most of his energy to resist it.

But now, this force field was comfortable and light.

The force field wrapped the entire area around Lin Ming, placing him in an invisible cocoon. Within the protection of this cocoon, Lin Ming felt as if he were placed back in his mother’s womb, unimaginably cozy.

Vaguely, as if through the lens of a dream, Lin Ming could see Xiao Moxian also wrapped in this giant cocoon. Her eyes were closed tight and her face was flushed red. Her eyebrows gently shook and her lips were curved up in a happy smile; she was clearly ecstatic.

Lin Ming knew that similar changes were occurring within Xiao Moxian. Within her body was likely two or three zenith black god runes, and now those god runes had transformed into a strange power.

Although this strange power didn’t belong to the essence gathering system, it actually fused together true essence, astral essence, and spirit essence within their bodies, allowing their cultivation to step upwards.

Lin Ming knew that god runes were extremely valuable. There were many martial artists in the Asura Road that didn’t plan on completing full sets of god runes to participate in the final trial. Even so, they still continued to collect god runes to sell them to others who desired them. A set of gold runes was priceless, a rare blue soul god rune was something that even a Holy Lord would viciously struggle for. As for a zenith black level god rune, there was even less to speak of.

The higher quality a god rune was, the more valuable it was. These god runes brought about all sorts of advantages. They could enhance strength, defense, blood vitality, destiny… there were even those that could directly increase one’s cultivation and have them undergo breakthroughs in realms!

At this time, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were like butterflies being reborn in a cocoon. Wrapped within the thick force field, their bodies were constantly transforming, evolving.

Not too far away, the martial artists below were able to guess what was happening as they saw this. This was likely the advantage granted by the Emperor Stone for leaving their names at the highest peak!

In the eyes of these people, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were originally unrivalled proud children of heaven. Now, they obtained even more advantages, allowing their strength to rise to an all new level. This sort of transformation was something that really aroused everyone’s envy.

In the crowd of people, Monster Prince Duyu clenched his fists, his eyes shining brilliantly as he looked up at Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming, wrapped up together in a force field. His complexion was extremely ugly!

This great lucky chance of transforming together with Xiao Moxian left his heart bleeding with jealousy.

“Why is it him? Why is it not me!?”

Monster Prince Duyu gnashed his teeth together. He recalled his high-spirited mood as he arrived at Precipice Cliff and how he had stomped over the White Chalk Family and Blue Sword Faction. Everything he did was simply a joke. What meaning was there in competing with common mortals like them?

Moreover, what he found that hardest to acknowledge was that he had a strong premonition that if he were to continue going forwards with Lin Ming, today's situation would simply repeat itself again and again!

This Asura Road was a giant trial field to begin with. There were lucky chances everywhere. As long as you had the strength, as long as you had the destiny, everything was yours to obtain!

The strong became stronger! The weak became weaker! The weak wouldn’t even be able to find an opportunity; they would simply be weeded out by the Asura Road’s cruel and merciless law of the jungle!

Although Monster Prince Duyu had a deep hatred and envy towards Lin Ming, he couldn’t help but admit that whether it was strength or destiny, he was already cast miles off by Lin Ming!

This meant that if he were to continue travelling with Lin Ming, every piece of bad luck would be his and all the advantages would be Lin Ming’s!

“This damned Lin Lanjian, how can I get rid of him?”

A cold and ominous light flashed in Monster Prince Duyu’s eyes. Because of how hard he was clenching his fists his nails had dug deep into his palms, drawing blood. He didn’t want to travel together with Lin Ming.

In the most extreme situation, if they were to enter some mystic realm where there were near death perils everywhere, or if they were being chased down by some peerless powerhouse, then perhaps he would be nothing but cannon fodder for Lin Ming. His death might even help Lin Ming!

If one lacked destiny, if one lacked strength, then dying in a dangerous situation wasn’t strange at all!

At that time, there would only be Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian left to travel through the Asura Road. Every good thing would be taken by Lin Ming. As for Lin Ming ever remembering him in a good way, that was impossible. Perhaps Lin Ming might think in his heart that he was lucky to have such an idiotic fool to act as cannon fodder to help him succeed.

In this case, if anything were to happen between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian again…

Monster Prince Duyu could no longer bear to imagine what would happen further. He was so angry that his liver hurt, his gallbladder hurt, and his intestines twisted together. He had determined a single thing, and that was that he couldn’t continue onwards with Lin Ming!

As Monster Prince Duyu was lost in his own thoughts, time continued to pass. Soon, an hour passed.

During this hour, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s bodies continued to float in front of the Emperor Stone. The force field cocoon that wrapped around them had become thicker, nearly forming a separate space-time dimension. It was impossible for those outside to see either of them.

This thick and large cocoon not only supported the process of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian absorbing the energy of the god runes, it also provided a cultivation area for them. This was the best possible protection. Normally, it was already extremely difficult for a martial artist to fly past 30 miles up Precipice Cliff, much less break through this massive cocoon.

In a hazy dream, Lin Ming seemed to experience an entirely different life of cultivation. He seemed to relive his time when he first started practicing martial arts at the body transformation realm. His fists struck the hard stump of an iron wood tree, each fist making dull thumping sounds. After a long, unknown period of time, the stump was wet with his blood. Without any raw materials for medicine, it was easy for hidden wounds to gather in his muscles, bones, and meridians, forming injuries that would eventually leave him crippled…

However, Lin Ming marched day after day, never giving up. He continued to train, eventually reaching the breakpoint level of a martial artist, the Pulse Condensation realm.

From that point, Houtian, Xiantian, Revolving Core… he continued to cultivate. The opponents he faced became increasingly powerful and the many mystic realms he ventured through became far more dangerous.

He didn’t know how many times he risked his life or how many times he teetered on the edge of death. But, he grew stronger every day and his cultivation grew increasingly high until he became an existence that could shake the earth heavens, freely walking through the Divine Realm, unstoppable!

He didn’t know how many years passed in this dream. Then, at some time, he suddenly woke up.

At this moment he discovered that his inner world had developed further. He had stepped into the late Divine Transformation realm!

The late Divine Transformation realm was only a step away from the Divine Lord realm. And, the Divine Lord realm was another great transformation for Lin Ming. It was an extremely critical realm.

It had to be known that the Good Fortune Saint Son’s equivalent cultivation was also only at the peak of the late Divine Lord realm!

If Lin Ming could enter the middle Divine Lord realm, then although he still wouldn’t be able to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son, he should still possess the capital to contend with him!

At that time, even if he encountered a World King, Lin Ming would at least have the ability to protect himself.

He turned his head to glance at Xiao Moxian. He could see that Xiao Moxian had yet to complete her transformation. Her pitch black phoenix wings still wrapped around her body, like a beautiful black-winged angel.

At this time, the bright moon had fallen and the eastern skies had brightened. Dawn was arriving.

Then, Xiao Moxian suddenly launched her wings. Flames seemed to burn between her eyebrows. As the same time, the giant cocoon floating in front of the Emperor Stone also released a radiant light.

As the martial artists beneath Precipice Cliff saw this, all of them came to full alert. They could sense that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were about to emerge!

Everything that occurred today would be vividly recalled by everyone. Three people had come to the Emperor Stone and left behind their mark. Of course, compared to Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, the first person, Monster Prince Duyu, was simply not worthy of mentioning. When the stories were retold in the future, he was doomed to be forgotten.

Rumors had long since spread that those who left their name at the pinnacle of the Emperor Stone would obtain a reward from the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao. And now, all of this was confirmed by the miracles occurring upon Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s bodies!

Divine light sparkled, the winds and clouds arose from all over the world. The rising sun in the east sprinkled its golden glory upon the world. As this sheen of light reflected upon Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, the cocoon around them broke apart. They were like a god and goddess descended from the highest heavens, too dazzling to behold.

The two of them slowly fell down. As the martial artists who had been waiting beneath Precipice Cliff all night saw the two of them, they were shocked speechless.

Two unrivalled geniuses of their generation had left behind their name on the peak of the Emperor Stone, one leaving the mark ‘Xian’ and the other leaving behind the mark ‘Lin’. These square foot characters contained inherent Concepts, similar to a martial arts inheritance. Just by looking at them, one would gain further awareness. Then, the two of them also broke through their realms before the Emperor Stone, stepping in tandem into the late Divine Transformation realm.

The so-called miracles of the world, this is what they were.

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