Chapter 1461 – The Asura Sutra

Chapter 1461 – The Asura Sutra

After reaching the peak of the Emperor Stone and carving in the character of ‘Xian’, Xiao Moxian had expended 80-90% of her true essence; she was already finding it hard to maintain flight. As she glanced over she could see that Lin Ming had also carved his surname ‘Lin’ into the stone wall. The Lin and Xian characters were about the same size, a square foot, but the Lin character had deeper and more forceful strokes, with a vigorous and fascinating aura. The Concepts contained within this character were even better!

This was the killing intent that Lin Ming had gathered by fighting over many years and passing through numerous battlefields where his life or death hung on the edge. The flavor of his life was reflected in the character that he drew. In this aspect, Xiao Moxian who had grown up in Demondawn Heavenly Palace and had experienced far fewer hardships and tribulations simply couldn’t compare with Lin Ming.

“A freak is really a freak, his potential is actually so strong… I wonder just what secret he has on him…” Xiao Moxian said, unconvinced. She possessed a Phoenix Trueform, and at the age of 26 she had reached the middle Divine Sea realm where she was able...

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