Chapter 1460 Reach the Extreme

Chapter 1460 – Reach the Extreme

The moment that the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art appeared, all of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy began to gather towards Xiao Moxian. Within Lin Ming, even the true essence, blood vitality, and Law fragments were attracted by this strength, wanting to burst out from his body!

In just ten years without seeing each other, Xiao Moxian’s Heaven Absorbing Demon Art had reached a completely different level than the one she displayed during the First Martial Meeting.

The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art could permanently absorb true essence and world power from a martial artist, and it could also temporarily absorb it. Currently, Xiao Moxian was using the latter version. The first version was far too cruel and evil; she naturally wouldn’t casually harm another person’s cultivation.

But in terms of attracting power, the latter version was several times more powerful than the previous!

Beneath Precipice Cliff, everyone saw a massive vortex of energy appear 36 miles high.

Underneath the terrifying force field of Precipice Cliff, it was hard to imagine just what sort of technique could still display such a horrifying might!

“They are attacking each other at this time!”

“They are already having trouble resisting the pressure so how could they still have the power to fight! Aren’t they friends? Why would they try to pull each other down?”

Many people noticed that Xiao Moxian was speaking with Lin Ming as they walked towards Precipice Cliff. Xiao Moxian hadn’t concealed her smile either, proving that the relationship between these two wasn’t too bad. But at the 36 mile height of Precipice Cliff they actually began to brutally strike out at each other. This was far too unexpected.

“Maybe they are having a competition… the one who leaves a deeper mark, the one who leaves a higher mark, will win, thus they are attacking each other.”

Some people already correctly guessed Xiao Moxian’s reason for attacking. As the others heard this they were left speechless.

This was the most reasonable explanation.

Really, this was what common people meant by being aggravated to death by constantly comparing themselves to others. Even if these people desperately tried as hard as they could, they still couldn’t rush up the Emperor Stone, but these two still wanted to compete over it. To them, it was like leaving a mark on the Emperor Stone didn’t have any challenge at all. Rather, the only challenge came from competing with someone else. Only by competing with someone else to leave a mark would there be a challenge.

Xiao Moxian’s Heaven Absorbing Demon Art created a giant vortex that covered nearly the entirety of the Emperor Stone. She giggled, turning to Lin Ming and saying, “What other methods do you have? If you don’t use them now, you won’t have any more time!”

“Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, huh? So that’s how it’s going to be.”

Lin Ming certainly recognized this move. After the vortex of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art covered his body he could feel the energy within him being rapidly pulled away. The pressure surrounding him immediately increased.

This was the transcendent divine might created by Empyrean Demondawn. As a direct descendant of Empyrean Demondawn she naturally possessed his bloodline, one that perfectly complemented this transcendent divine might!

“Hehe, your power is so pure. The pressure around me has lightened by a great deal!”

Xiao Moxian’s hearty laugh echoed in Lin Ming’s ears. As Lin Ming saw the Heretical God Tree’s power of heavenly tribulation having difficulties resisting the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, he took a deep breath and then sunk his energy deep into his inner world. The black hole seed came howling out!

A black hole was the heaviest celestial body in the entire universe and its gravitational pull was also the strongest. Within the black hole horizon, not even light was able to escape.

In that instant, within the massive black vortex that Xiao Moxian created, an even larger and more terrifying vortex appeared!

This vortex was absolute darkness and spun in the opposite direction. Like a cruel circular saw, it tore apart the vortex of Xiao Moxian’s Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!


The moment that the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art shattered, Xiao Moxian suffered a backlash of energy. Her face whitened and she suddenly stalled.

Her Heaven Absorbing Demon Art was an extreme transcendent divine might. However, Lin Ming’s Divine Seal Art had surpassed the category of transcendent divine mights. This was a cultivation method created by a True Divinity!

Not just that, but the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art and Divine Seal Art were completely analogous cultivation methods, both of them able to form giant attracting vortexes. When they bumped into each other, they naturally had to contest to see which was superior!

Everyone below paled as they saw this scene. Xiao Moxian’s advantage had been completely suppressed by Lin Ming. Not just that, but there was also the heaven-shaking black vortex. As for Monster Prince Duyu, he was completely frozen solid. In his eyes, all that was left over was that pitch black vortex. He mumbled to himself, completely unable to accept what was happening.

Beneath the traction force of the black hole seed, the energy that Xiao Moxian had gathered with the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art began to be rapidly pulled out. This caused the pressure on her to rapidly increase in response!

She grit her teeth and her giant phoenix wings stirred up a tornado that forcefully stabilized her body beneath the massive storm of energy and the tremendous pressure of Precipice Cliff.

“This cultivation method is…” Xiao Moxian’s thoughts raced. The instant that her move was defeated by Lin Ming she wasn’t sad at all. Rather, a look of excitement crossed her face as she clearly recognized the true nature of this technique.

“It is that fellow’s abilities after all. Although the appearance is a bit different, the aura cannot be wrong. During the First Martial Meeting, he used this technique to break through Big Sister Frost Dream’s Dreamsoul Immortal Melody and fight to a tie with her! This Lin Lanjian is really that abnormal fellow after all! Hah! To think he would use an appearance changing technique to try and deceive this miss!”

Presently, Xiao Moxian had basically confirmed Lin Ming’s true identity. The power of thunder and fire, Grandmist Laws, as well as this final black hole cultivation method, all of this together was more than convincing.

There were countless martial artists in this world, and it couldn’t be calculated just how many practiced similar Laws and cultivation methods.

But, the Laws that Lin Ming cultivated were extremely rare; one could even say that he was the only one to practice them. Those that practiced similar Laws as he did could be called nearly zero. In addition, the talent and potential that this Lin Lanjian displayed could not be wrong.

“A freak is really a freak. Ten years later I’ve already improved so much but I still can’t catch up to him. He’s growing too fast!”

As Xiao Moxian was thinking, her hands weren’t lying idle. Although she was covered by the vortex of that black hole seed, she still had the strength to fight.

“Counterforce – Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!”

Xiao Moxian accumulated all the strength she absorbed with the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art into a dao diagram and then shot it outwards.


With a loud explosion, the vortex barrier created by the black hole seed had an opening forcefully torn apart by Xiao Moxian, allowing her to rush through.

“Consider yourself ruthless enough, this miss isn’t going to play with you anymore!”

Xiao Moxian’s figure flickered as she flew straight towards the peak of the Emperor Stone. However, the brief exchange just then had consumed a great deal of her strength. Her speed wasn’t too fast and it wasn’t easy for her to resist the pressure.

Seeing Xiao Moxian end the battle, Lin Ming received the black hole seed and pursued her towards the peak.

As everyone below saw this happen they were left dazed.

“What an intense battle, and yet they still have the strength to carve their mark in the stone?”

“You’re wrong. Although that exchange looked like an intense battle just now it was mostly an exchange of energy. They haven’t used up too much true essence.”

Among the many martial artists present, there were those with extraordinary sight.

The one who spoke was correct. Even though Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were unrivalled geniuses of their generation, they still couldn’t ignore the pressure of the Emperor Stone.

Thus, the moves that these two people used were to save energy as a premise. Although that exchange seemed like an intense battle, it was in truth a competition of energy. In the end, Lin Ming had taken the upper hand!

Withstanding the ever-increasing pressure, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian simultaneously reached the peak of the Emperor Stone!

At this time, the two of them weren’t relaxed either. They were both using around 95% of their strength to resist the pressure of the Emperor Stone.

Xiao Moxian was the first to move! The Emperor Stone was extremely firm, far harder than divine iron. Xiao Moxian’s right hand turned into a phoenix claw as she slashed at the wall, forcefully digging out chunks of stone!

Although the Emperor Stone was hard, Xiao Moxian still possessed a God Beast body. In addition to her true essence flooding her moves, carving something into the Emperor Stone wasn’t difficult at all.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Rocks shattered. Xiao Moxian’s blood vitality tumbled within her body. She vigorously summoned her energy, releasing a barrage of strikes as pieces of the stone wall were torn down! Each piece of crushed stone was no smaller than those brought down by Monster King Duyu’s own claw strike!

Meanwhile, Lin Ming used his fingers as a spear, pointing them towards the Emperor Stone. Spear light wrapped around his fingers, forming a divine blade. Wherever his fingers pointed, stone chunks would tumble down! He had already touched upon the threshold of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. In terms of mortal bodily strength, he was no worse than Xiao Moxian. In addition, his true essence was many times deeper than Xiao Moxian’s; the number of rock chunks he brought tumbling down was even more than hers!

The two of them revealed their supernatural powers. After striking at once, they didn’t stop at all, but rather continued with an onslaught of attacks!

The two of them weren’t satisfied with leaving just traces behind; they wanted to carve characters into the Emperor Stone!

The character that Xiao Moxian formed was a square foot large. As for the character that Lin Ming left behind, it was actually a bit bigger!

On Precipice Cliff, being able to leave behind a small trace on the Emperor Stone was already an accomplishment. For the average person to leave behind a simple character was extremely strenuous; they would have to use up dozens of times more strength.


The sound of chipping stone sounded out in the air, alarming to all. Xiao Moxian’s attacks were as smooth as the wind. Even so, her complexion began to pale; it was clear she had consumed a tremendous amount of energy.

In just 10 breaths of time, a delicate and beautiful character appeared on the peak of Precipice Cliff. This was the character that represented her name – ‘Xian’.

And nearby, Lin Ming had also completed carving his last name – ‘Lin’!

This ‘Lin’ character had a penmanship that flowed like dragons and snakes, as if it were formed by dancing blades. Smooth strokes, sharp turns, a fierce momentum, just looking at it made one feel as if the aura could injure them! It was like this character contained the mysteries of martial arts within it; it could be its own cultivation method inheritance!

“What a magnificent character…”

At this time, the people below were no longer marveling at the square foot long characters that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had left behind on the Emperor Stone. Rather, their attention was attracted by the Concepts left behind in those two characters.

The ‘Xian’ contained a nimble and elegant aura. One ‘Lin’ contained a swift and fierce aura, like a divine spear. Both characters complemented each other, enhancing the beauty of the other, each with their own advantages!

“They really are amazing geniuses of the younger generation.” Everyone held their breath as they looked at the scene upon the Emperor Stone.

No one knew that not too far away, two pairs of eyes were looking at everything happening upon Precipice Cliff from a space distortion.

“Those two must be the ones that completed the Hunter Game trial at the City of Discord and Wave City!”

“One possesses the body of a Phoenix God Beast and the other has inherited the legacy of an unrivalled powerhouse. These two youths have infinite potential.”

“Interesting, how interesting… in the great world of the 33 Layered Heavens, it seems an all new story will be written. Perhaps it will be different from the past…”

As the two voices spoke they gradually faded away. From beginning to end, no one was able to feel their aura. They seemed to have completely fused with the space around the Asura Road, no one able to sense them at all.

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