Chapter 146 - Sorrowful Bai Jingyun

Chapter 146 Sorrowful Bai Jingyun.


Chapter 146 – Sorrowful Bai Jingyun

“The ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ has reached the Large Success stage of the second layer, ‘Flow like Silk’ has split into 5000 filaments, and the cultivation of my early Altering Muscle stage has been greatly consolidated. It’s about time that I finally drew up the ‘Strife Seal’.”

The two body inscription symbols that Lin Ming had chosen were the ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’ and the ‘Strife Seal’. The former was able to speed up one’s cultivation by increasing the rate one gathered true essence at, and the latter was able to enhance one’s strength.

He had already successfully drawn up the ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’. At that time, he was only at the peak Viscera Training stage. To draw up that ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’ he had overtaxed his soul force and true essence, causing himself to fall into a deep slumber for three days and three nights. For safety purposes, he had put aside the ‘Strife Seal’ for the moment. But now, his cultivation had already stabilized at the Altering Muscle stage. In addition to his ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ reaching Large Success of the second layer, it would be much easier to draw up the ‘Strife Seal’ when compared to before.

Lin Ming placed the Heavy Profound Soft Spear in this spatial ring,...

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