Chapter 1459 – Struggle of Dragons and Phoenixes

Chapter 1459 – Struggle of Dragons and Phoenixes


After flying so high, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian attracted the attention of everyone present. Once they passed 33 miles, the pressure suddenly rose to yet another level. Every time they flew up 10 more feet they would have to consume massive amounts of energy.

It was hard to imagine just how deep the true essence of these two people was.

“They will soon reach the Emperor Stone. The 35 mile Emperor Stone isn’t far away from them at all…”

“Can these two people all leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone? Just what is happening today that three people suddenly appear who can leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone?”

Everyone felt as if they were in some fantastical dream. Not too far away from them, Monster Prince Duyu’s eyes were brilliant as he stared at Lin Ming. Lin Ming would soon break past 34 miles. He himself had also reached this height and understood just how great the pressure of the last mile was. The last mile was the greatest and most difficult to bear.

“This brat… he’s actually not falling behind Xiao Moxian at all! I can’t believe that he still has so much strength left over. After passing 34 miles, the pressure will rise to another difficulty. If he can’t retain any...

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