Chapter 1458 – Prize

Chapter 1458 – Prize

At the base of Precipice Cliff, dozens of martial artists looked up at the mark left behind on the Emperor Stone. Although Monster Prince Duyu had left behind only the shallowest of marks, this mark still left behind a profound impression as it reflected within everyone’s eyes.

“That monster youth can actually leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone, but we can’t even fly higher than 20 miles… the difference is too great…”

“This could be called a scene that isn’t encountered even in 10,000 years.”

“It’s not as much as 10,000 years. The trace he left behind is a bit shallow, so it should be a 1000 year event. Even so, a thousand year event is shocking enough. After all, the Asura Road is comprised of numerous geniuses of the 33 Layered Heavens.”

The ones who were angry because of Monster Prince Duyu’s overly arrogant and provocative attitude were all left silent. The White Chalk Family and Blue Sword Faction also felt ashamed of their own inferiority. But to them it still wasn’t a disgrace to lose to such an outstanding individual. The difference was simply too great at the start.

“This monster youth might be an Empyrean descendant!”

Someone said in whispered hushes. The reason that the Emperor Stone was called...

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