Chapter 1457 Emperor Stone

Chapter 1457 – Emperor Stone

[*Chinese miles and feet are different from imperial standards*]

Monster Prince Duyu’s words immediately aroused the anger of everyone.

Not to mention those young elites of great sects that were spoken down to by Monster Prince Duyu, even the commoner martial artists were annoyed.

To obtain a mission badge of this level required a certain standard. Mostly, they were one-star Asuras. As a result, after arriving here they had seen the geniuses of great influences show off, and they were left sighing in awe.

But at this time, these geniuses of great influences were called ‘mediocre’ by Monster Prince Duyu. Didn’t this mean that everyone else was even worse than mediocre?

How could they feel good about this?

“Who the hell are you?”

“You’re not as awesome as you think you are!”

Some martial artists glared at Monster Prince Duyu.

Monster Prince Duyu sneered and slowly uncrossed his arms. He clenched his fists together, causing crackling popping sounds to echo in the air. “What? You lot are so weak and yet others can’t mention it?”

“Interesting! How interesting!” Near the White Chalk Family, a middle-aged man leading their group looked towards Monster Prince Duyu. “If you have such confidence, do you think you can amaze everyone here with your achievements? Really, a newborn calf doesn’t fear the tiger at all. If you want then you can try yourself!”

“Elder White Glory, he is simply running his mouth off! If he comes up then I’ll suppress him for you!” A nearby junior disciple said. All of these heroic young elites were arrogant individuals and none of them wished to accept they were naturally inferior.

Monster Prince Duyu continued smiling. Towards the mission of leaving his name upon Precipice Cliff, he had full confidence.

From the attempts of the White Chalk Family and the Blue Sword Faction he could see the approximate difficulty of the mission. Precipice Cliff looked like a singularly smooth wall, but this simple wall actually contained the aura of outstanding individuals since time immemorial!

Even if the marks these outstanding individuals left behind had vanished, their auras would still be preserved within Precipice Cliff. Slowly, over time, these countless auras condensed into a horrifying force field. If one wasn’t a truly amazing individual it would be impossible to obtain the approval of Precipice Cliff.

The higher one went up Precipice Cliff, the more intense the aura would be and the greater the pressure. The higher one wished to go, the more pressure they would have to withstand.

Meanwhile, carving a mark into Precipice Cliff was also challenge. The larger the mark one left, the more strokes there were, the deeper the writing was, then the greater the difficulty would be.

To leave behind an extremely deep and profound mark on Precipice Cliff while withstanding the tremendous suppression of the aura there wasn’t simple at all.

When the martial artists of the White Chalk Family and Blue Sword Faction had tried, they had flown up just a bit more than 10,000 feet and the marks they left behind were very simple; there was no need to mention how deep their carvings were. To Monster Prince Duyu, they were simply far too weak.

Monster race martial artists tended to be outspoken and brash, speaking out however they wished. As Monster Prince Duyu saw such a poor performance from these people, he simply spoke out his thoughts.

The result was that he had caused everyone to be angry with him.

Of course, Monster Prince Duyu didn’t care about whether or not these people were angry. In his eyes, these people were nothing more than ants. In the future their achievements would end at the Holy Lord realm, but he himself would be an Empyrean level character.

After stepping below Precipice Cliff, he looked up and lazily said, “Of course I’ll give it a try. The reason I came to Precipice Cliff is to complete a mission. Is there anyone stronger amongst you lot? Is there anyone willing to leave a mark on Precipice Cliff with me?”

The corner of Monster Prince Duyu’s lips tugged up as he swept his eyes over everyone.

“Heh, this fool doesn’t know what death or danger are.”

Two people walked forwards. One was a tall young man and the other was an ordinary-looking dark-skinned woman.

These people came from the White Chalk Family and the Blue Sword Faction. Their auras were restrained and their foundations were solid. One could immediately see that they were outstanding martial artists of their generation.

“Peak Holy Land geniuses.”

Lin Ming judged from not too far away. From the point that Monster Prince Duyu had spoken out to this sudden conflict, Lin Ming hadn’t spoken at all. He had only stood on the sidelines, watching.

“Let’s begin!”

Monster Prince Duyu licked his lips, eagerness in his eyes. He seemed impatient to start, as if he were confident that he would be able to go very high.

As for the other two people, their eyes were dignified, secretly competing with everyone around them. They could feel that this brash fellow wasn’t bluffing; he really did have the ability to back up his boasts.

This wasn’t any casual competition. They could not afford to lose, because losing meant disgracing the honor of their sect and family.

“I will go first. Do you think you can keep up?” As Monster Prince Duyu spoke, he flew straight up. His speed was fast as he flew upwards like an arrow.

The other two refused to be outdone. Both of the leapt up, the repulsion force causing the ground to explode beneath them. The three of them leapt upwards like mighty tigers, unstoppable!

“How fierce!”

Seeing Monster Prince Duyu be so fierce and strong in his actions, all the angry commoner martial artists were silenced. They clearly weren’t his match.

10,000 feet passed in the blink of an eye. At this height, Monster Prince Duyu hadn’t slowed down at all, all the way up to 20,000 feet. At this point, the other two people seemed to be weakening.

30,000 feet! 40,000 feet!

With 1500 feet to a mile, Monster Prince Duyu had already gone up more than 20 miles!

At this height, Monster Prince Duyu was still calm and relaxed, his flight easy. As for the other two, they had reached their limit.

This height was already pushing their limits.

The pressure of Precipice Cliff was terrifying, especially when one went higher. The closer one approached to the Emperor Stone, the greater the pressure they would have to bear; it was impossible for them to withstand.

For those that lacked talent, it was impossible to obtain the recognition of the Emperor Stone!

If they continued to fly upwards they could still go several thousand feet, but they would have consumed far too much energy by then. It would be impossible for them to leave any mark on Precipice Cliff at that point.

How could this be… the disparity was too great!

The two of them found this unbelievable. They originally felt that Monster Prince Duyu was some talented character, but they didn’t think he would be above them by so much!

At this point, the two of them could not longer ponder what to do. They had to stop where they were to leave a mark behind on Precipice Cliff.

Saber and sword crossed. The young man from the White Chalk Family was just barely able to leave behind the simple mark of his family on the wall.

As for the young woman from the Blue Sword Faction, she was only able to leave behind a single shallow sword mark; she didn’t have the strength to leave behind another stroke.

Then, the two of them began to fall beneath the weight of the massive pressure. As for Monster Prince Duyu, he rose even higher!


“How could this be?”

The surrounding martial artists were all left dumbfounded. This disparity was not minor at all!

The Elders of the White Chalk Family and Blue Sword Faction also had extremely ugly expressions.

Several miles away from Precipice Cliff, Lin Ming shook his head. “The peak geniuses of Holy Land level influences simply cannot compare at all to outstanding Empyrean descendants. This sort of competition is only a one-sided stomp.”

He had expected this result from the start. After all, a peak Empyrean descendant wasn’t a common cabbage. In the entire Divine Realm, there were no more than 10 such characters.

Now, Monster Prince Duyu had casually come to a little corner of the Asura Road. To ordinary common geniuses, he was an unfathomable existence.

As everyone saw Monster Prince Duyu reach just under 30 miles, all of them were clear what this meant. Even if he didn’t leave behind a mark on Precipice Cliff, just reaching this height was as difficult as ascending to heaven. But Monster Prince Duyu clearly had plenty of strength left over. Was he planning to shoot straight to the Emperor Stone?

Many martial artists had guessed correctly. Monster Prince Duyu’s goal was indeed the Emperor Stone!

He was the number one young genius of the Divine Realm monster race. He had sufficient pride in his status. As the great calamity arrived, he had to give an even greater performance than all previous geniuses so he could show his worth.

What he needed was to be recognized! He needed to prove just how amazing the young geniuses of the monster race were!

Of course, it was also convenient for him to reveal his wondrous strength in front of Xiao Moxian.

At a height of 33 miles, Monster Prince Duyu began to truly feel the pressure. The closer he reached to the Emperor Stone, the more terrifying the pressure became.

“This is more difficult than I thought it would be.”

Monster Prince Duyu forcefully summoned true essence and rose another mile.

Precipice Cliff was 36 miles tall, but the Emperor Stone was a mile in diameter itself. In other words, as long as he could fly up 35 miles he could leave behind his mark on the Emperor Stone.

By this time, Monster Prince Duyu had consumed a considerable amount of strength. He estimated that even if he were to succeed in flying up 35 miles, he likely wouldn’t have the strength to leave behind a character.

“How could this be so hard! I have to go all-out!”

Monster Prince Duyu roared out loud. His bones began to emit loud cracking sounds. His body became larger and more solid, and scales covered his neck and cheeks.

This was the monster race’s body metamorphosis. Monster Prince Duyu had activated his monster bloodline to forcefully fly up yet another mile and reach a height of 35 miles.

Now, he had finally arrived in front of the Emperor Stone.

“I’m here!”

All of Monster Prince Duyu’s blood was tumbling in his body and the energy within him was chaotically raging about. He had reached his limit. If he tried to continue upwards beneath the dual pressure and restless energy within himself then he would likely suffer broken organs and even his meridians would be damaged. However, he continued to release trues essence. Once he stopped it would be impossible for him to leave behind any mark on the Emperor Stone.

“Monster Prince Descends!”

Monster Prince Duyu clawed at the Emperor Stone without any reservations!

After completing his body metamorphosis, his hands had become like dragon claws. Moreover, there was a fierce and savage-looking gauntlet covering his hands. These gauntlets were Monster Prince Duyu’s weapons. In terms of sharpness, it was no worse than a sword or saber.

Monster Prince Duyu had poured all of his remaining true essence into this strike. As his claw came slashing down, his monster blood boiled over.


The Emperor Stone exploded with a burst of sound. A tiny amount of stone fragments were torn off by Monster Prince Duyu.

Although this was only a slight trace, Monster Prince Duyu had indeed left behind a shallow mark on the Emperor Stone. He had succeeded!

This strike exhausted all of his strength. Beneath the heavy pressure his body began plummeting to the ground. In midair, he forcefully suppressed his tumbling blood and swallowed down a pill to restore some origin energy. Only then was he able to stumble back onto the ground.

All around Monster Prince Duyu, the many martial artists were shocked speechless.

This fellow had actually managed to leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone. Although it was only a tiny shallow mark, it was still the Emperor Stone! Compared to Precipice Cliff, it was on a completely different level.

Monster Prince Duyu looked up at the little marks he left behind. Out of his five fingers, only his thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger had left behind small traces. His pinky didn’t have any strength left to chip the Emperor Stone. Moreover, the traces were very shallow.

“The Emperor Stone lives up to its reputation. It isn’t easy at all…”

As Monster Prince Duyu thought out loud, he turned towards Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming, a smile on his face. He wanted to see just what it would be like when Lin Ming tried to complete this mission.

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