Chapter 1456 – This Is It?

Chapter 1456 – This Is It?

Precipice Cliff. As the name suggested, it was a precipice on the edge of the Great Desolate.

This precipice was 36 miles high and as smooth as a mirror, without any curve at all.

The only roughness on this precipice were the marks left behind by other powerhouses.

If one wished to leave behind their mark on Precipice Cliff, it required more than cultivation alone. They had to be an outstanding genius amongst all geniuses.

At this time it was the thick of night. The silver moon hung high in the sky, reflecting a crystalline sheen upon the smooth wall of Precipice Cliff, as if the entire land was shrouded in liquid mercury. It was a beautiful sight.

This was an important stop at the Great Desolate because Precipice Cliff itself was a wonderful safe zone. It exuded a faint pressure and aura of a great emperor, making it so that no vicious beasts dared to approach. Because of this, many martial artists came to Precipice Cliff to rest and adjust their condition.

This was one of the few safe zones in the entire Great Desolate.

“Haha, we’ve finally arrived at Precipice Cliff.

Monster Prince Duyu smiled. “This Precipice Cliff is a divine treasure of the Great Desolate; it is said that it is related...

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