Chapter 1455 – Weakness

Chapter 1455 – Weakness


As Lin Ming heard this name he was startled. The legendary Taotie was said to have a swallowing ability that surpassed a Golden-winged Roc. In terms of combat ability they were slightly worse than the four main divisions of God Beasts, but no matter what, they were still genuine God Beasts. A Taotie with a royal bloodline was said to be able to swallow a great dimension. This sort of creature formed their own heaven and earth within their bodies, giving them unfathomable degrees of strength.

“Xiao Moxian really is the proudest daughter of heaven of two great influences. To think that she would even have a God Beast as her contract beast; not even most Empyreans have this chance.”

In Lin Ming’s eyes, only a peak Empyrean like Empyrean Demondawn could have a God Beast as their contract beast. This was because a God Beast was far too arrogant and proud; they were inherently unwilling to submit to other races. If someone wished for a God Beast to follow them, they had to first obtain the approval of that God Beast.

Monster Prince Duyu...

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